How to Fix a Dent on a Car Door Using the Heat Transfer Method?

It is a fact that all parts of the external structure of the car are not mighty.  So fixing a dent on the car door is one of the basic skills a car owner must know.

Most car owners prefer to take their car for repair, as well as some like to use car service at home in Delhi and entrust the restoration of external coatings to mechanics. However, most of the dent removing work can be done at home. It will require special tools, skills and a suitable garage.

If you can learn how to repair a dent in your car by yourself, it will save you from waiting for several days to be repaired in a workshop. In addition, these skills will also save you a lot of money spent on such repairs. Whenever there is a dent in a car’s front or rear door, most car owners want to fix it so that no painting is needed afterwards. This need is absolutely justified because painting will take extra time, materials and money. Often, it is unlikely that you will be able to choose the colour in which the car was painted before.

Thermal elimination of dents on the car door

This is one of the most popular methods of do-it-yourself car door repair. It is due to the fact that all tools essential for heat treatment methods are inexpensive and can be purchased from a local car workshop in Delhi without any problems. Therefore, all you are required for making repairs is a powerful hairdryer and a can of compressed air.

While choosing tools for heat treatment methods, you should keep in mind that tools should have enough power to warm up the problem area of ​​the door to the necessary temperature. So it is best to look for an industrial-grade thermo gun.

If you are using the heat treatment method to repair a dent on a car door with your own hands, you must act accordingly;

  1. Ready your car for repair. The entire dented area must be washed and dried. You should also remove all possible traces of corrosion from the area. If possible, you can also remove the damaged door and fix it separately. Most of the doorstep car service in Delhi use the latter way for fixing car doors.
  2. Use the blow dryer to evenly warm up the affected area of the car door. It is also important not to overheat it as it can easily damage the paintwork of the car.
  3. After warming up the dent, the next step is to start treating it with compressed air. For performing this step, simply use the compressed air can and evenly treat the defect with air. It is important to remember that you should use compressed air for not more than 20 seconds continuously. Soon as you see frost on the metal surface, it will mean that you need to stop. In addition, it is also necessary to treat dent and other small areas around them.

The heat transfer method is a reliable process for removing dents from the car body and must be repeated until the damage is eliminated. The number of repetitions depends on the size and complexity of the defect, as well as on the correctness of the work.

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