How to Improve Your Internet Speed Through Effective Ways?

For smooth flowing, from YouTube videos to Netflix to online video gaming, nowadays almost everything is shifting towards the online world. And in this situation, if you have untrustworthy internet, it may lead to stop your entertainment and work. If you consider your internet is slow, there are few easy hacks to boost up your internet need. Make sure you are wearing safety glasses because blue rays are not a friend of your eyes. let’s dive deep and explore more about increasing internet speed.

  • Evaluate the quality of your inter-service:

To evaluate the problem, first, it is necessary to assess the quality of internet service or its performance good or not. And for this purpose, you can use Google to check internet speed or through other services from the internet provider. Otherwise, keep engage with ISP and check if there is an issue on this side. If not, they are making fool you to plan to get a high price. But these easy hacks will help you a lot to understand the exact issue and to increase the internet speed.

  • Upgrade your security:

Make sure you have no extra operators with you because extra users can slow down the internet connection. If you don’t add any security on your Wi-Fi internet, it is an open place to take advantage of freeloaders. Therefore, it is to be recommended that even homeowner should secure their internet and don’t allow to access anyone. And for this purpose, you need to use a complex password so that no one can access it.

Keep safe your home internet from freeloaders is crucial if it is automated. Each connected devices practice bandwidth and as many devices will be connected with your internet, your home devices will possibly get less bandwidth that they may require. Besides, if you don’t keep secure your internet, it might give the chance of strangers to get hold of an automated safety system.

  • Enhance router settings:

Check out different settings of your router because it can help to boost up speed and signal strength.

Some routers are connected with the entertainment setting and rank the bandwidth when you stream content or video games. This technique is less active while multiple participators share a Wi-Fi connection at the same time. Therefore, turn off your entertainment settings if you have.

Set the RTS starting point of your router because it clears all data transmission channels before sending data packets. Among the crowded network-like apartment complex, begin your RTS threshold with a lower number that can help to enhance Wi-Fi performance.

Set your fragmentation threshold with a lower value which can support to easy transfer of data packets effectively and enhance the reliability of network problems as well. Hence threshold setting with the smaller data so that it can reduce the performance network if you have a reliable network.

  • Approach a new Wi-Fi channel:

Try to switch your router between 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz network to enhance the speed of your internet. It will provide you more bandwidth with a fewer interface. Both above-mentioned frequencies provide several internet transmission networks. Check out to get more info.

But 2.4 GHz provide only 14 overlap channels and 5 GHz provides you 23 non-overlapping network. An overlapping network can lead to travel back of the data packets and forward on neighboring networks to affect each other which block the bandwidth and cause to slow down your connection level. Avoid taking off safety goggles when you are working with digital devices.

Some routers are restricted to the 2.4 GHz band and if your router is limited with this band, chose 1, 6, or 11 channels. These networks have least overlapping than others particularly if you get access to your neighbors, use only these channels.

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