How to make photo gifts

Stickers are used for different purposes. With a sticker you convey a message in a unique way. Consider, for example, making photo gifts advertising and promotion, marriage or birth, product information, etc. There are many possibilities to produce stickers. For example, it is possible to produce a single design on sticker sheets. This often occurs with small stickers that are stuck on different products, such as packing gifts, envelopes, etc. 

Actually, the applications are endless and can be used for businesses too, such as branding to give a product a beautiful appearance (beauty products, drink bottles, etc.), or for on machines (inspection stickers, logo stickers, etc.).

The most beautiful stickers are Custom Clear Stickers on the design sticker sheets. These are often sheets in which there are several stickers of different shapes and sizes on one sheet. Obviously, it is no problem to produce it in this way. It is important that you specify the complete format of the sticker sheet with your quotation request or product composition (not the size of 1 sticker). You can then submit the file. Make sure that you indicate the desired shape and position of the slit line with a separate line color (e.g. a magenta spot color).

Different types of sticker on a roll

There are different types of sticker rolls available. You can choose from materials for foil stamping; vinyl, paper, matte, glossy, fluorine, PE and specialty materials. There is a choice of more than fifty colors and hundreds of sizes in square, rectangle, round, oval and free form.

Full color production is razor-sharp and is printed on paper. The advantage is that you can use photos and gradients. A disadvantage is that paper stickers on a roll are fragile and not weather resistant and are therefore suitable for indoor use.

The roll wrapping comes standard with the sticker on the outside, but you can also choose the inside and a twisted sticker. A roll winding is important when you use the stickers by machine. The core diameter is standard 76mm but you can also get in 45mm or 40mm. 

How is the sheet size determined?

Depending on the sticker size, the size of the sheet is determined. The handy sheets of an A4 format or smaller is used. It is important to us to organize the layout of the printing sheet as efficiently as possible. In this way there is less material waste. If you want a specific sheet format (e.g. an A4 format or a unique size), that is of course possible. 

Order stickers on sheets to place on gifts

If you want to order the stickers on sheets, you can request a free quote on this page or calculate your price directly by putting the product together. Please note that if you want multiple stickers of 1 design that you only specify the small sticker size (e.g. 3 x 3 cm). If you have already designed the sticker sheet and know what the sheet size should be, you can specify the sheet size. 

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