How to Make Your Next Event More Engaging

Are you planning an upcoming event? If so, dedicate the time to preparing an engaging experience for your guests. We sought out some tips from Damon Wayans Jr. on how to increase your attendees’ engagement at your next event.


In the beginning stages of creating and planning your event, you will want to promote your event. Consider publishing a blog post discussing the event and include key information about the event. Promoting a hashtag for your event is also a great way to promote engagement. Expected guests, speakers, and marketers can find information related to your event and also engage with other attendees during and after.

Event Design

Prior to your event, determine a layout that will promote engagement. Organize your room appropriately to allow attendees to obtain the full experience and ability to communicate with others throughout. 


If you are planning to have a guest check-in at your event, ensuring that this process is smooth and quick is important. If the check-in process is a hassle and bothersome to your guests, they will not appreciate your event fully as they will already have a bad taste in their mouth. Create a check-in station that is managed by staff or opt for an online check-in site that offers a quick and modern way to start your event.

Fun Activities

During your event you will want to have engaging activities knitted throughout the event. Avoid conventional icebreakers and opt for a unique way to involve the audience. Consider preparing games or competitions that are rewarded at the conclusion for full attentiveness and participation from your attendees. 

Utilize Social Media

Creating live polls is a great way to keep guests engaged. While speakers are on stage, have a projector of where guests can text or tweet in questions to the current speaker. Keeping guests engaged yet actively involved will assist your event in maintaining cohesive flow and participation. 

Request Feedback

When your event has concluded your next goal should be to obtain feedback from the guests. In order for your next event to be successful, learning about what you could have done better at this event is critical. Utilizing surveys is a great way to receive attendees opinions and beneficial suggestions. 

A strong indicator of an event’s success is through your guest satisfaction. If your guests remain engaged and are pleased with how your event is run you are more likely to see a higher attendance rate at your next event. Including these tips for keeping attendees engaged will provide continued growth at your next event.

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