How to watch free movies on Smart TV

When you buy a Smart TV, in addition to the features related to the convenience of Internet connectivity, you want to have unlimited access to watching movies . However, the quickest way is the one that forces you to sign up for paid subscriptions, and that’s not what we want to talk to you about today.

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Thanks to the technological innovation that has touched the world of television, you have the opportunity to move between different free solutions . In this guide, therefore, we will talk about two particular options, both very valid: dedicated applications and browser navigation. In both cases, it is essential that the Smart TV is connected to the Internet connection, otherwise every attempt will prove in vain.

Operating systems and dedicated stores

We decided to start talking about applications as it remains the most immediate way to access a very wide selection of films. Smart TVs, since they perform many functions comparable to those of a PC, are equipped with an operating system. Most of these have a store dedicated to downloading applications.

Each brand has approached a specific operating system, which brings with it the characteristics that differentiate it from the others. To clarify, and to simplify your work , we have brought you a list that reflects the operating system used by each brand:

Sony: Android TV

Philips and Sharp: Android TV

LG: webOS

Samsung: Smart Hub or Tizen OS

Panasonic: Firefox OS

Each operating system works in a unique way, and the same goes for the store, the available apps and the download phase. What allows a very fluid and comfortable navigation is definitely Android , as many applications are also available for smartphones and tablets. However, we can say that the search methods for apps in the store are very similar for all operating systems

If you have purchased an Android TV, all you have to do is click the button on the remote control in the shape of a house , which symbolizes the Home . From here you will have quick access to the Google Play Store, placed within the Applications category.

Apps dedicated to watching movies

Given the simplicity of the procedures explained so far, we can say that the most complex part is that which concerns the selection of the right apps to download. As we said initially, in fact, very often one thinks of being forced to pay subscriptions, but there are other ways, legitimate and free. In this paragraph you will discover the best free applications available for SmartTV, thanks to which you can increase the range of television content to enjoy at home.


The first service dedicated to watching video content that we would like to offer you is RaiPlay. This platform is available both through the dedicated website and through the download of the application. In both cases, you have the possibility to access Rai programming in live streaming , or to browse between films and TV series in on-demand mode .

Mediaset Play

Also in this case, the name of the service easily suggests the nature of the content transmitted. Just like for RaiPlay, Mediaset Play also offers the possibility of being navigated both through the official website and by downloading the application. In order to access all the contents, it will be necessary to register on the platform , which is completely free.

In addition, after creating your account, Home will present films related to your interests, making it easier for you to choose them. The contents you will have access to are both live streaming , with the possibility of restarting the program from the beginning, and in on-demand mode. As for the first, you can access it thanks to the HbbTV platform , compatible with most Smart TVs. Without registration, however, it will still be possible to access video content, but in a limited way.

Paramount Channel

This service is dedicated to the dissemination of films and television series made in the USA, and is available on channel 27 of digital terrestrial . However, if you encounter connection problems, you can always take advantage of the two canonical options: go to the official website or download the app from the store. As for the latter case, the application is only available for Android TVs.


Another valid application you can talk about is definitely Veezie.st, which unlike the other apps, does not have an official website to access. In fact, it is not a common streaming platform, like the ones we have seen so far. The service offered is quite different, but at the same time very complete. The only limitation is that Veezie.st is only available for Android TV , and not having a dedicated site, it is impossible to access it in other ways


.This is the last service that can be used both through the official website and through the dedicated app, to be downloaded in the store. However, since the application is only available for Android TVs , if your operating system is different, you can go to the platform’s website. Also in this case, the vision of the contents is completely legal , and the range of offers is really very wide.

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