Jon Urbana’s history of making Kow Steaks

Foods are significant to some people. People have now made eating a passion. They are making blogs and videos on eating, and there are some of the most eating foods which are world-famous. 

Wagyu beef is one of the costliest kinds of beef available today from the United States, Australia and other countries. The meat is a type of Wagyu livestock produced in a particular area of Japan according to strict Japanese standards. It is known as Kobe beef. The health of these cows in Japan is under threat. The animals get an artificial diet (usually ill) and grass limits that contribute to weight gain and discomfort.

Only when we say it’s grown on ranches in Iowa, Southwest, where you may walk around and eat fresh grass, can we speak about KOW-Steaks’ American wagyu beef! You can try out American wagyu beef at You will always get some of the best American wagyu beef there.

There are tremendous opportunities to create a cow that produces superior meat by providing American Wagyu beef with fresh grass and clean water. Due to the delicate, delicious and high nutshell of American wagyu beef, the ratios between omega-3 and omega-6 are much higher in vitamins and ten times better.

Rancher-direct US Wagyu Beef has made its way to the market as consumers are looking for healthier, more socially conscious protein sources. KOW Steaks American Wagyu beef is grown in more favourable circumstances for animals. It is beneficial that cows may be grazing on vast pastures since it is more environmentally friendly and provides tasty, nutritious meat.

Because the Wagyu cow used for making wagyu meat differed from the Wagyu animal used to manufacture wagyu beef, KOW Steaks can provide bees beyond the scope of Wagyu beef production. The purchase of beef from sustainably produced small-scale businesses such as KOW Steaks is beneficial for consumers.

American Wagyu cows are now allowed to pasture freely and drink sweet water at all times on vast expanses of fresh grass, like Jon’s grandpa did in the 1970s. Wagyu cattle, which may roam freely and graze every day on fresh grass, provide the meat of outstanding taste and health advantages. KOW Steak in the Midwest produces American Wagyu beef with uncropped natural grass and pure freshwater.


While American Wagyu beef has a superior flavour than regular Wagyu since it is raised outside rather than in feedlots, Wagyu from grass-fed animals has the same fat quantity. Still, the taste is distinct and can only be found in animals with grass. Although Wagyu beef is new to fresh grass, it cannot be duplicated with animals grown in feedlots without access to the land concerning marbling, softness and taste.

You spent a considerable amount of money (hundreds of dollars) for Wagyu meat made in Japan if you used to order Wagyu beef in restaurants. You have to know that the original Japanese Wagyu cows exist, but in very uncomfortable circumstances, they are grown in Japan to achieve the marbles of the flesh. Animals like these are grown without much movement in feedlots, and thus they become obese and ill very quickly. In a restaurant, you do not want to pay for the meat of a sick animal for hundreds of dollars. For a steak of unknown origin, you don’t want to spend money, too.

Ordering American Wagyu steak exclusively from KOW Steaks will guarantee you receive a highly soft and rich taste of meat because of the healthy and sustainable growth of American Wagyu cattle produced by KOW in Southwest Iowa. They graze in large expanses of soil filled with fresh grass and pure waters.

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