Make a Statement in Your Designer Saree With These Fresh Draping Styles

Sarees are the most timeless fashion choices for anyone who likes to channel their Indian vibes. They have been the ultimate choice in ethnic wear for generations. While the saree has stood the test of time and continues to be the first choice for special occasions, the new-age fashionistas have found stunning new ways to style these six yards of elegance.

These fresh drape styles have originated intending to make designer sarees more practical, wearable and better suited for the fast-paced life of today. Moreover, these draping styles give a fresh spin to the classic sarees, completely changing the outfit’s look.

Here are five off-beat ways to drape your saree to make a head-turning statement.

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# 1 Use Thick Belts

Using thick belts with designer sarees has become immensely popular, and even the biggest fashion designers are coming up with beautiful belts to pair with sarees. You can opt for thick leather belts in contrasting colours to accentuate the silhouette of your outfit and add the much-needed definition to your saree.

Big, clunky buckles also look fabulous with fashion designer sarees as they add an interesting blingy element.

# 2 Butterfly Style Drapes

The butterfly drape is a Bollywood favourite, and many Bollywood beauties are seen flaunting this saree drape with their designer sarees. This style is achieved by creating sleek pleats and pinning them in an incredibly neat way. The sleekly pleated palla bares the midriff and creates a gorgeous, sultry look.

You can drape shimmer or heavy work designer sarees in this manner for a strikingly glam look.

# 3 Cape Style Sarees

Who could have thought adding another flowy layer on top of a saree could make it even more appealing? Capes can add a textural layer to your saree, completely transforming the look of the outfit. They can also hold the drape in place, making the outfit more secure and practical.

An embellished cape can be layered on top of a solid designer saree to make it more appropriate for special occasions.

# 4 Layered Saree

This is one of the most off-beat and unique draping styles. To create this look, all you need to do is drape your saree as you would normally do. Now wrap the palla around the midriff to create a second-tier. Finally, secure the palla on your shoulder and let the open drape fall naturally.

This is a beautiful saree drape and can be donned at parties and formal events.

# 5 Pant Saree

Pant sarees are the perfect option for you if you want to flaunt sarees at work. These sarees have the edge of formal wear paired with the feminine energy of a saree. To create this drape, simply pleat the saree on one side of the trouser. Now create sleek and narrow pleats with the palla and pin it on your shoulder. Let one leg of the trouser peep through the saree. You can wear pant sarees with embellished cropped tops or shirts.

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