Money Saving Tips to Avoid Ripoffs for Car Rentals

There are many situations when you may need to use a car rental while traveling abroad. Such services are available in almost every country of the world and gained huge popularity. A rented car allows you to develop your own routes, enhance mobility, enjoy comfortable movement.

You do not have to worry about the technical conditions of the transport – you will receive a fully serviced car with a clean interior, child seat, and even Wi-Fi. The only obstacle may be the price you will have to pay to a rental company.

And your suggestions are right – it is usually rather expensive. But there are ways to make the rental costs more reasonable.

Money Saving Tips for Car Rentals

Book your car in advance. Do not put off booking till the last moment. First, you may not find the desired model and will have to pay for a more expensive option.

Secondly, many rental services allow a discount for an advanced booking.

Collect your car yourself. Of course, it is very convenient to have your rental car delivered to the airport or train station.

But this service significantly increases the rental cost. It is much cheaper to get to the rental company’s office on your own to collect your car.

Pay attention to the conditions of car rental insurance. Opt for policies with as low deductible as it is possible. In this case, you will have to pay much less in the event of a breakdown or damage to a car.

There is a zero deductible, which means you will not be liable for any damage to the car, therefore, no monetary compensation will be taken from you.

There are other things you should know about rental car insurance to bring down its cost:

  • In certain cases, you may use your personal car insurance. To be able to use your regular policy for a rented car, you should contact your auto insurance provider to find out if the current policy can cover a rental car. It is quite possible that collision damage waiver is a part of it, and you can use it without problems.
  • Credit cards often provide rental car insurance. Surely, you have a document detailing all the nuances of your credit card policy. But note that even if it provides for car insurance, it may cover only the car. The collision coverage is rarely included.
  • Use third parties. Some people buy CDW insurance from a rental service directly. But note, the price will be extremely high in most cases. Look for a cheaper alternative. Sometimes a third party insurance provider may offer you a more attractive deal.

Avoid buying additional services. The request of a router or navigator increases the rental price by 10-15 dollars per day. It is much cheaper to download a GPS navigator to your smartphone and use it during your trips. These are available both in Apple AppStore and in Google Play.

Select the right car capacity. It is better to choose a car based on the number of passengers. If you are planning a trip only with your partner, there is no need to rent a large crossover for a bigger company.

You will pay more for a bigger car and also for much higher fuel consumption.

Do not violate rules for car return. Everyone knows that the car should be returned in the same state as it was received. But some customers forget the rules of filling the tank. If you received your car with a full tank, which is a standard option, you need to refill it before returning.

Otherwise, you may be charged not only for the gasoline itself but also for refueling the fuel tank. And the cost is far higher than the average market price.

Monitor promotional offers and discounts. Sometimes car rental companies offer attractive deals like a “hotel plus auto”.

Such a package will allow you to save a lot. Also, take time to compare competitors’ prices to find the most balanced variant.


Wrapping up, it is vital to negotiate with the rental company all the terms of their services, including even the smallest details. This way, you will avoid embarrassing situations and unnecessary costs. Make sure to thoroughly examine the car upon receipt and take photos of all scratches and dents.

These and similar damages should be mentioned in your rental paperwork. Take time to carefully study all the points of the rental agreement before signing it. All these precautions will protect you from paying unjustified extras.

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