Most interesting technological innovations that may have a huge impact on the future

Year after year, the market research firm Gartner publishes its digital vision, the main trends for the coming period. Some of the directions ahead and typical for the coming years may seem surprising, while others have been outlined earlier.

Our strategic forecast provides a provocative picture of what significant events are expected to occur in some key areas of technology development, said Daryl Plummer, Gartner’s executive vice president and chief research officer. Year after year we saw the spread of digital change, and in 2022 the transformation will accelerate and will have secondary effects that will affect both people and technology extensively.

Buy with augmented reality

According to Gartner, 100 million people will shop with augmented reality (AR) solutions. The popularity of AR applications such as Pokémon GO is increasingly making technology a part of everyday life, encouraging retailers to throw in the shopping experience with AR’s special features. As the use of mobile devices and applications has become widespread, increasingly blurring the line between the physical and digital worlds, different brands and retailers need to work together to develop solutions that take advantage of this to raise the shopping experience to an unprecedented level. AR applications can be used to layer digital information – text, images, videos, sounds – into the physical world, making products more attractive and increasing customer engagement.

A new method for “screening”

Experts estimate that by the end of the year 30 percent of web browsing will be screen-free, thanks to voice-centric technologies like Google Home and Amazon Echo, which will make interactive information available everywhere and contribute to the new voice-controlled platforms. Because you won’t need your hands and eyes to browse with these solutions, you’ll be able to surf the Internet without a hitch while driving, cooking, social gatherings, fitness training, operating machines, and other activities.

Farewell to the mobile apps

20 percent of brands will get rid of their mobile apps by 2022, believing that their usage rate, ROI, and the customer engagement they evoke will fall far short of expectations. New approaches will emerge that have negligible barriers to deployment and deployment, and that achieve a high degree of customer engagement for a fraction of the cost of developing, marketing, and supporting mobile applications. Many companies will move to these solutions and get rid of their underperforming mobile applications.

Some of the platforms haven’t even created a mobile application for their product. They’ve just optimized their site to be mobile-friendly. Of course, when your platform implies the usage of other devices like your camera, Bluetooth, or microphone is much easier to use an app. But for simple tasks like playing blackjack online you won’t need a separate app, it’s enough only to access the site.

The algorithms are coming

The behavior of more than 1 billion workers worldwide will be positively influenced by increasingly advanced contextualizing algorithms capable of inducing beneficial psychological, nervous, and cognitive changes. People tend to make irrational decisions on an emotional basis: algorithms change their behavior by supplementing their intelligence with large memory banks containing collective knowledge that allow them to “remember” everything and inform them at the right time about important things they have never experienced before. Through all of this, they can make more objective decisions and evaluate the events around them more objectively.

Spreading of blockchain

Blockchain technology will grow into a huge industry in the next few years, Gartner says. The blockchain-based general ledger offers participants an unchangeable, shared view of all transactions, and the exchange takes place in minutes instead of days. Blockchain applications free up money, reduce transaction costs, and speed up business processes.

In the web of digital giants

The concentration of services will continue: by 2021, 20 percent of all people’s activities will have some degree in one of the seven largest digital giants. Currently, based on its revenue and market capitalization, the big weeks include Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent. As the physical world and the financial and health sectors become more digital, many of the activities people do require some form of internet service, making digital giants increasingly inevitable. Various mobile laptops, payment systems, smart agents, and digital ecosystems make these behemoths a part of our daily lives.

The amount of IoT data remains manageable

Data generated by the Internet of Things (IoT) devices will increase storage requirements for data centers by less than 3 percent by 2020. However, IoT could cause a huge data explosion in the digital world, with around 21 billion devices connected to the Internet by 2020. However, in 2020, IoT discrete sensors will occupy only 0.4 percent of the storage capacity of approximately 900 exabytes of the hard disk drive and SSD drive expected to arrive in data centers, and multimedia sensors will occupy only an additional 2 percent. This means that the amount of data generated by the Internet of Things that provides important business information remains amply manageable with the available data storage infrastructure.

The prevalence of their fitness gadgets

By 2020, 40 percent of employees will reduce their healthcare costs with wearable fineness. More and more companies are appointing fitness program managers to work with the HR manager to provide fitness monitoring tools to employees through employee support programs. Healthcare providers can save lives and save costs through wearable health risk alerts that provide both real-time and historical data on a user’s health status if they agree to share them.

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