Online therapy via chat or email

Online therapy via chat therapy or e-mail therapy is a modified form of therapy. Thanks to modern technology you can also follow online therapy without having to move. You share your story or questions with your therapist via email or chat. Your therapist will discuss this with you with a lot of involvement and expertise. In addition to answers to your questions and new insights, you will also receive support and understanding.

It is therefore a useful form of therapy when you cannot visit a therapist on site. The conversations with your therapist then take place via the internet, such as in an e-mail or via chat.

Usually you only need a laptop and a good internet connection for online therapy. Do you follow e-mail therapy? Then you need an email address. For therapy via chat, your therapist will propose a user-friendly platform such as Messenger, Zoom, Whereby, Signal, Whatsapp.

You agree with the therapist whether you email at fixed times or sporadically or make an appointment to chat. This way you can easily coordinate with each other’s agenda.

Online therapy via video call or video calling

Therapy or psychotherapy via video calling or video calling is very similar to a therapy session in therapy practice. You can see your therapist and talk to him or her in real time. This makes it perfectly possible to follow talk therapy or relationship therapy via the internet, for example.

Therapy via video conversation starts, just as with the classic therapy sessions, with an intake interview where you can tell the therapist about your complaints and wishes. Based on that, your therapist will suggest how you get started.

Thanks to a user-friendly online platform such as Skype, Zoom, you can talk freely with your therapist via a secure 1-on-1 conversation. Your therapist will give you clear information beforehand. This way you know which platform will be used to talk, how to register, at what time the first session will start, etc. 

For therapy via video call you only need a laptop and a good internet connection. A webcam, speakers and microphone are built into almost all laptops. You do not have to purchase this extra.

Online therapy for stress or burnout

Do you often feel stressed? Do you have the feeling that you can no longer relax? Or do you think you have a burnout? Online therapy is an effective way to reduce stress or deal with burnout. You can view best online therapy reviews before initiating your consultancy.

At the start of the online therapy, you and your therapist determine the purpose of the therapy sessions. During the various therapy sessions, you can always check whether you are still on the right track. You can verify your email account by email tester

During the online therapy you will gain insight into what exactly stress or a burnout is. And what the difference is between short-term and chronic stress. Together with your therapist you can also see which things cost you energy and which things give you extra energy. You regain clarity by setting appropriate goals or improving your daily schedule, for example. You can also learn how your thoughts influence your feelings such as stress or burnout.

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