Reasons for choosing an integrated course in a BA LLB college in Gurugram

Choosing a career in law is a remarkable decision you have made. You must have chosen law after considering the hard work and time you need to give to all the courses to pursue. You will have to become a graduate first to pursue a law course. It means that you will need a bachelor’s degree to pursue an LLB course. Many colleges offer integrated law courses to avoid this dilemma. The BA LLB colleges in Haryana conduct courses that take 5 years to complete. Many aspirants choose this course because of the following reasons.

Reasons for choosing integrated LLB courses

  • Integrated courses take 5 years to complete

As mentioned earlier, if a bachelor’s degree is mandatory to pursue a law course, you will have to pursue a course for at least 3 years. An LLB course takes 3 years itself. Hence, you will have to spend at least 6 years to complete and become a lawyer. This is where the courses conducted by the BA LLB colleges in Gurugram are ideal. You can easily complete two graduation courses within 5 years and save a year. This year can either be used to pursue a master’s degree in law or to gather experience in the industry.

  • Choosing a specialization

You will get excellent subjects to study in this 5-year curriculum. It also means that you will get ample options to choose a specialization after completing an integrated course. Apart from exploring arts subjects, you will also get a brilliant chance to scout the different domains in Indian Law and choose a specialization. Remember that a specialization course is mandatory to become an established lawyer. Gathering knowledge during the law courses will help you choose the right domain to pursue. The courses conducted in the BA LLB colleges in Haryana will help you do so.

  • Learning soft skills

A lawyer is much better at communicating and convincing than any other professional. He has to convince a judge along with a court full of people. Hence, developing soft skills is also a part of the course curriculum. This is where an integrated LLB course conducted in these colleges is ideal.

The BA and LLB degrees will come in very handy only when you are a good speaker and a listener. You will have to develop your personality accordingly and the course will help you to do so. All you have to do is to choose the right option among the top BA LLB colleges in Haryana. The mentors and moot court sessions along with the non-core subjects added in the syllabus will take care of such requirements. You will understand the importance of soft skills alongside technical knowledge when you start pursuing a course.


To fuel your dreams of becoming a lawyer, choosing one of the best BA LLB colleges in Gurugram to pursue an integrated LLB course is ideal. Get to know a college properly before you make a decision and then proceed with a course of your choice.

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