Rocket League Creator’s Guide To Help You Win Games

With the success that Rocket League knows so soon after its release, Dave Hagewood, founder of Psyonix, decided to give players 7 tips to progress and refine his way of playing, all through an interview for GameInformer. We invite you to discover these few tips so that you can also enjoy them.

Keep your positions

Like young football players, if you’re new to Rocket League, you tend to want to hit the ball at all costs. This often has the consequence of getting in the way between teammates, and in the end to do nothing, or even to give an opportunity to the opponents to score a goal.

Dave Hagewood advises players to assign themselves roles, so that everyone can coordinate their movements as well as possible. Anyway, you should get some Rocket League items to build up your battle cars. At the engagement for example, it is not necessary that all the players of the team rush on the ball: it is indeed better that one or more recover the speed boosts nearby by leaving another only one to take care of the recovery or delay in the center. In the same way, try as much as possible to play on the whole field, each player having a game or wing (left or right), to center and score more easily for example, by deceiving the opponent.

Do not try to master the aerial game from the beginning

Indeed, the jumping system allows many game mechanics and allows to surprise the opponent. Nevertheless, this technique is double-edged, since if you miss the ball during a jump, you will stay in the air for a few moments, reducing the operational staff of your team. You will be able to easily lose a ball and let your opponent score.

Because of this, if some of your teammates are more experienced, leave this job to themselves and instead try to block other opponents on the ground. For example, you can push an opponent who is looking to appropriate the ball, reposition yourself or recover a speed boost. Dave Hagewood points out that despite the fact that he has been playing the game for a long time, his main flaw is to be too greedy about these jumps.

Try to shoot with a certain angle

Mastering the shot is an essential point to score, but you must also be able to shoot according to certain constraints. As Dave Hagewood explains, the space to score between the enemy and the goal is not perfectly straight. Therefore, it is necessary to try as much as possible to shoot on the sides of the ball to give it an effect and surprise the opponent: the latter will probably not expect this kind of thing, since very difficult to anticipate.

Play smart with both cameras

The two camera systems, namely centered on the ball and free, make it possible to best manage the positioning on the field. Playing with these two systems and juggling between them during games is one of the best ways to make yourself useful and available on the map at the best time. Using the free camera to spot your opponents and then go back to the automatic camera to better tap the ball allows better control and security on your shots.

Select opponents to destroy

Rocket League includes a destruction system: if you use the boost and hit an opponent, it will be out of the game for a few seconds. Dave Hagewood advises to spot the opponent player being the most dangerous, and to try to put him offside as many times as possible, in order to avoid any disaster. Buy Rocket League credits to get some DLC packs in the game. This technique also refers to the first point to address. Indeed, if you play several, it would be possible to assign to one of the players the role of destroyer, thus putting an opponent out of play while leaving the possibility to the player of your team to recover the balls. This is a very common technique among high-level players.

How to get the ball back on the kickoff

During the throw-off, the recovery of the ball can sometimes give a considerable advantage to his team, even to score in one stroke. Nevertheless, it seems very hard to be faster than your opponent to get this ball back. Dave Hagewood specifies that when you make turns, you get a speed bonus, thus boosting your car for a few moments. By using this technique at the right time, you will be able to recover this ball every time, provided that your opponent is not aware of the technique.

Likewise, vary your engagements, try not to be predictable, otherwise you will be countered at the start of the game.

Watch pros or recurring players

It cannot be repeated enough, but like all esports games, watching players is one of the best ways to improve. Identifying timings, placements or game mechanics allows you to increase your game vision and tactics. Follow ESL’s Go4RocketLeague or some Millenium streamer will surely be beneficial to you.

Also feel free to reproduce what you can see. The training system present in the game will be very useful to you.

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