Should You Buy WoW TBC Classic Level Boost – Dark Portal Pass & Deluxe Edition?

Since the pre-patch of WoW BC Classic was installed, you can buy a deluxe edition and a level boost separately. This may sound like a useful tool, but it is not necessarily advisable. Especially new players should be careful here.

WoW Classic TBC Official Level Boost Service

What kind of feature is that? There are now two new items of content available for purchase in the Blizzard shop that give you access to digital extras in TBC Classic:

  • Deluxe Edition of Burning Crusade for $69.99
  • Dark Portal Pass for $39.99

In both cases, a character boost at level 58 is guaranteed. Boosted characters can immediately start with the new content of Burning Crusade, as these are playable at level 58. They also receive a mount, as well as the normal riding ability, weapon skills, equipment and WoW Classic TBC gold as well as bags and flight routes.

Should You Buy The WoW TBC Classic Boost Pack?

The level boost is unique. You can only bring one character per account to level 58 and you cannot buy any further boosts. In itself, this is an extremely practical offer if you want to watch the Burning Crusade with friends or just. However, you should think carefully about whether you want to use the boost and, if so, how you want to do it.

We give you three reasons why you shouldn’t use the boost:

1. Appreciate Your Time Again

Leveling in WoW Classic takes a long time. That might sound like an argument in favor of a boost, but actually speaks against it. Because through the time you invest in your character, you learn to appreciate the effort again in the first place. If it takes you an hour or more to ascend a level, the familiar pillar of light will feel much more satisfying. Every new piece of equipment is a highlight because it means that the next level may be a little earlier.

And items are also associated with effort. You don’t have any heirlooms to level with you or get a reward suitable for your level from every quest. Items from quests are rare and dungeons also take some time, if there is anything for you there at all. It can easily take three or more passes through an instance before you get even one of the parts you want. The new weapon, shield or breastplate is then worn with pride and satisfaction until it is replaced at some point.

2. Enjoy World of Warcraft Classic New Content

World of Warcraft has delighted millions of players over the years and this enthusiasm is no coincidence. The deep story and the big world are some of the reasons why so many fans fell in love with WoW. In World of Warcraft Classic there are still a few quest lines that send you across the world – and back again. The running is annoying, but if you are interested in the story, you will find a lot of interesting details and information in quest texts and the environment.

The prequest series for Onyxia’s hoard alone is a huge story of betrayal, intrigue and hypocrisy like something out of a thriller. If you use a boost, you will no longer find all these wonderful stories – or you will have to catch up on them afterwards. And let’s be honest: who does it voluntarily?

Today, in Retail, quite a few of these quests have been cut to allow faster progress. So you no longer have this experience there either. In addition, Azeroth is big enough to discover new things even with the second or third character per faction.

3. Get to Know Your Character

The last and most important point is that as you level you will be brought closer to your class step by step. You don’t have several magic bars full of skills, but learn something step by step. In this way, you not only learn more and more from your class, but you can also better evaluate which spells you need and which you don’t. This will keep your action bars better sorted and clear. Since the level phase lasts quite a long time, you have occupied yourself with your character for many dozen hours before your first dungeons or even raids and PvP battles in Burning Crusade. This way, significantly fewer mistakes will happen or you can still save a situation that has gotten out of hand Youtube.

With a boost, this is more likely not the case and you run the risk of possibly even losing interest in the game. If you are immediately thrown into the endgame, it can be frustrating not to understand any of this. In the end, you will only need two or three skills for many classes, but you need experience to know that. Classic is not necessarily more complex than retail, but it is more extensive.

When Can I Use the WoW Classic TBC Boost?

If you are absolutely sure that you want to skip the level phase, you should at least be familiar with your class. It’s not about the gameplay of retail WoW, but of the past.

Today all classes play very differently. A boost only really makes sense if you know very well how your character worked back then – or if you are ready to learn it again.

In any case, be prepared for the fact that you will have to spend a few more hours learning the class and sorting the spells even with a boost. Even with a guide, it will take you some time to stop making mistakes.

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