Supplements and Vitamins for restoring damaged hair-

With increasing pollution and dust particles, the hair faces a rough time every day. The sunlight and even styling too much-using straighteners, colors, and other chemicals on hair make them look dull and lifeless. In a busy work schedule, it becomes difficult to take proper care of hair. Therefore, many healthcare products online are available to reduce the complexities and nourish the hair by overcoming the deficiencies.

Let us look at the 7 main reasons for damaged hair-

  • Lack of nutrition- The major cause starts with what one eats. Deficiency related to certain factors arises when no proper diet is being taken to nourish the hair. This lack of nutrients to the body causes brittle hair, hair fall problems, and so on.
  • Gene problem-Many people suffer hair loss problems due to genetic factors. In our country, it is a major concern where approximately 60% to 70% lose their hair due to genes.
  • Over styling- Our hair needs complete care, but by over washing, blow-drying, coloring, straightening, etc., the hair loses its texture making them look dull. Even the use of shampoos and conditioners containing chemicals provide harm to the hair.
  • Health problems- There are certain medical conditions like thyroid, anemia that are directly related to hair health. Therefore, people suffering from underlying health conditions generally complaints about hair fall and hair thinning problems.
  • Environmental damage- The overall health of hair is also directly related to the environment it lives in. Using hard water can damage the look, feel and shine of the hair. The minerals deposits are left on hair after using hard water resulting in frizzy, dry and tangled hair.
  • Age factor- Many researchers have concluded that at a particular age the hair grows, rests and sheds. Like after the age of 30s the hair starts going thinner and people complain about hair fall.
  • Some life events- At times in life comes various events like post-delivery, some major surgery that it is quite normal to shred 100 to 200 strands of hair each day.

Our hair is our plus point to our personality. Taking good care of them should be due responsibility of everyone. Include high-protein diet, folic acids and other fatty minerals that are good for hair. Try taking a balanced diet. One may be able to restore hair if the problem is persisting from 4-5 years but not beyond that. So, never wait for long months having hair fall and visit a hair fall specialist.

Supplements and vitamins for hair restoration-

At times a kick start is needed for hair restoration. Healthy, voluminous, and nourished hair is something which almost everyone wants to look beautiful. But don’t forget that hair is the reflection of our physical health. Any sort of deficiency in the body can cause dryness, hair loss and thinning. Hair needs proteins, iron, zinc, vitamin B12 that are directly responsible for promoting growth, moisturizing the scalp and gives a strong support structure for having lustrous hair. Visit a natural health store online in case not getting enough nutrients from the diet to care about the damaged hair.

The primary hair care doctor or dermatologist will be in the right position to check and talk about the natural shampoo and health care supplements that can enrich the damaged hair.

Here are six supplements to consider having healthy shiny locks back-

  • Multivitamins- All cells need vitamins for growth. Same is the case with hair. Vitamin A help make skin glands known as sebum that moisturizes the scalp keeping the hair roots healthy. A natural supplement of multivitamins can help bridge the nutritional gap. Taking at least B-vitamins, 2000 units of Vitamin D and zinc plays a major role in improvising the condition of damaged hair. They also make new ones when multivitamins are taken as per routine giving enriched nourishment to the body.
  • Iron- Iron is also very important for hair growth. Lack of iron in the body results in anemia which is a condition where people suffer low blood levels. The body does not produce hemoglobin in the blood which carries oxygen to various parts of body to repair the cells. The cells that stimulate hair growth also do need hemoglobin.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids- Omega 3 is a group of nutrients that have immense health benefits. The thickness of hair directly depends upon omega 3 in the body. People with low omega 3 should take foods like oily fish, some plant oils, etc. In case of vegetarians the omega 3 supplements that are manufactured at FDA registered and inspected facility can be taken as they remove the mercury from it. Go with genuine brands of health supplements.
  • Biotin- The water-soluble vitamin from the vitamin B family is Biotin. The function of biotin in body is to convert nutrients into energy. It is considered to be very good for skin, hair and nails. Lack of biotin may lead to scaley red rash and hair fall. For those not getting enough biotin from the diet can add supplements in the form of tablets or powder. Try taking supplement with food in the proper dosage as directed by the doctor.
  • Minoxidil- It is a foam or solution which is directly applied on the scalp for regrowing hair back on the head. This works a little too well so precautions should be taken while applying it on the head as the facial areas should be avoided. This minoxidil should not be taken by pregnant ladies and breastfeeding mothers.
  • Zinc- We all have some sort of yeast that lives on the scalp of the head. With excess yeast on the scalp, it results in inflammation causing hair fall. Therefore, zinc is also found in many shampoos that help get rid of unwanted substances.

Collagen can also be taken as a health care supplement that works wonders for hair and nails. It boosts keratin and is made up of amino acids. These amino acids are used by hair follicles making them strong. Be reasonable when shedding a lot of hair strands. Don’t just wait and order health supplements online from a trusted brand.

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