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Men are really concerned about their looks just like women. In the last few years the fashion quotient of men is more or less similar with women. A man is normally a trend setter and they want to dress well to grace an occasion. Be it a casual or a formal occasion they are looking to be an apple of the eye. But intention is not going to be everything as there is a list of fashion rules that you have to follow. Be it wearing the right set of clothes and combining with the proper type of shoes.

When it comes to the fashion statement of men there are a few rules to follow. Make sure that you are aware about all these rules in details so that it becomes easy to figure out which one to choose and what to discard.

Be aware on how to coordinate with clothes

It happens to be one of the important areas where men fail. So as to look neat you have to be aware on how to coordinate your clothes. Though the selection is dependent upon the place and location where you are planning to proceed. Dressing for a formal meeting is going to be a lot different rather than for a casual occasion. Ajio discount code online provides numerous options when it comes to formal or casual clothes.

A point is to combine the shirts with a quality tie. As per the pattern , texture or colour you can arrive at numerous combinations. But a point to consider is that you should not be wearing a tie with a short sleeve shirt.

A suit that matches to the style type

So as to remain in style the suit has to be part of your wardrobe and it needs to contain a couple of buttons. It happens to be one of the popular garments for men and ensure the one that you have suits you. A golden rule to follow is that the first couple of buttons has to be above the navel

A bowtie and would you dare to spot it

For complementing your looks a classical tie might suffice. But for elegant occasions you can always use a bow tie. Even you may end them using for a relaxed occasion as you combine them with coloured shirts and a blazer. Another option is to wear them with vests. For sure you will attract attention and become a topic of discussion.

The use of baggy pants is going to give you a shorter look

Once again the fact emerges is that the correct size of clothing is important. When we discuss about pants the correct length and width would be necessary to look elegant. If you wear baggy pants it is not only going to make you well dressed but you might be a tinge shorter. Even if you do not use the belt the pants have to snug at the waist. In addition make sure that the width of the lungs appears to be elegant.

A right pair of shoes

No point in wearing a wide pair of shoes as it has to relate with the dress you end up wearing. Opting for ajio best offer ensures that you avail lucrative deals on shoes. The reason being sometimes you would be looking to dress even without a suit.

With footwear it has to mould on to the foot. A tip to follow is to purchase them towards the end of the day when your feet would be swollen. Make sure that the air Jordan retro shoes are clean and remove the dirt after every use.

Combination of belt and shoes

Another tip that you need to follow is that the colour of the melt needs to match with the shoes. Even the finish of the belt has to coordinate. Wear a black belt if you wear black shoes and the same rule would be applicable if you are wearing brown shoes. In addition the belt that you are going to choose has to be thin and it is necessary to fasten them on the third hole.

Keep off from large logos

You should not fall into the temptation of purchasing shirts with big sized logos. It would be ideal to keep the clothes simple and trendy. By large logos to the wrong place a lot of attention emerges and is a distraction from the elegance of any outfit.

Measurement of the suit

When you are purchasing a suit make sure that you try a smaller size than you purchase. It works well for choosing a suit that is not big and looks good on you. Make sure that it is well fitted and does not look too small on you.

  • The jacket sleeve has to come just after the wrist bone and it should not more than a single inch
  • Make sure that the jacket does not appear to be a lot tight. The reason being you should be able to slide and move the hand between the jacket and the shirt.

The shirt always has to be inside

The designing of the dress shirt is in a manner that it goes well with the pants. In fact it appears to be a long garment to be worn outside. If you are looking for a formal look there are various types of shirts that you could wear outside. But there is a need to figure out what you need to wear as per the occasion.

To sum it up these are some of the fashion tips that you can incorporate at your own end. But with the mushrooming of the internet the task of locating the latest trends in fashion has become easy. Gone are the days where you have to rely on celebrities, as the print visuals provide you with extensive knowledge about the same. In fact a major knowledge that has gone on to emerge is fashion is not restricted to the fairer sex any more.

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