The Roadmap To Becoming A Data Analyst

In a layman’s term data analyst’s job is to analyze and process raw data. As a result, he derives meaningful information based on which decisions are made. It can be as simple as predicting the sale of Air conditioners based on the average temperature in the preceding months. Companies are hiring data analysts big time in the current business environment. The motive is to be aware of customer’s tastes and preferences on a real-time basis. The job of a data analyst is lucrative, but often the prospective employee has a hard time determining a proper road map for the same. In this article, we will aim to unravel the road to become a data analyst.

Getting a Degree: There is no specific degree that can get you a data analyst job. Given that the job domain requires analytical skills, having a diploma in mathematics, statistics, and computer science is an added advantage. You can also check out data science certification courses offered by Great learning.

It is not mandatory, but once you progress as a data analyst, you can opt for an advanced Degree such as a certified data analyst. It opens up extra avenues for you to explore.

Programming language: Programming languages such as R and python are the essential tools for a data analyst. Having proficiency over the same is a prerequisite. Both paid and free versions are available to learn data science skills. You can check data science courses in India from Great Learning to grow your career in Data Science and related fields. It aims for those learning platforms that assure a data science professional certificate.

Once you have set your hands on the programming language, you can move to understand SQL and data visualization tools. They are equally important in your progress as a data analyst.

Do Practical Project: The best thing about the job of a data analyst is that the work pertains to real-life issues. Once you have basic technical knowledge, proceed to make simple applications and projects. It can be as basic as determining your spending analysis based on prior months’ bank statements.

Internship: It goes without saying that you cannot become a data analyst unless you have some practical exposure. The internship offers a platform to be mentored and groomed by specialists in this field. You can always opt for entry-level jobs. Once you have polished and practised yourself move ahead by showcasing your Internship in your resume.

Portfolio: Make a portfolio containing all the applications and projects you have done. It is advisable to have a portfolio based on the Employer you want to work for. Suppose you want to work with the Income-tax client base of Infosys. Then you will pitch in by doing a project based on that segment. So you can do projects on determining which of the two tax schemes is beneficial for the assessee. Also, how by initiating some investment, one can bring down his tax liability.

Final words

Data analyst jobs are increasing rapidly. With the advent of Machine learning and Artificial intelligence, this job profile is becoming most sought after. They are required in almost all industries, be it health care, FMCG, power sector, etc. This is a skill-oriented job. As a result, it gets better with practice and experience. So always aim for getting some practical exposure.

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