Tips To Get Great Sleep

1. Focusing on relaxation

Bedtime is all about de-stressing and disconnecting. It is not the time to check your feed and socialize. If you want to get better sleep, try to avoid studying and socializing where you sleep. This is going to get you into sleep mode.

2. Putting the phone down

Smartphones emit blue light that tricks the brain into thinking that it is daytime. When you use your phone around bedtime, it affects the natural sleep cycle. Most phones come with the option of turning the blue light off, so make sure you turn the light off if you are going to use the phone around your bedtime. The phone is going to stimulate the brain and make it harder to fall asleep, but it still helps when you turn off the blue light.

3. Managing your phone settings

Your notifications should interfere with your sleep. Notifications can wake you up from your sleep, and interfere with your sleep. You should turn off notifications and have them on for only calls. This is a good way to make sure you can still be reached in case of an emergency, but not disturbed when sleeping.

4. Setting the mood

You can get to sleep faster by playing relaxing sounds or music. If you are having a hard time falling asleep, consider playing music or sounds that make you feel mellow. This can be anything from the sound of a distant thunderstorm to classical music. Find what works for you because everybody is different.

5. Keeping off the caffeine

You should avoid caffeine before bedtime, although it goes without saying. This is because it is a stimulant, and makes it harder for your brain to relax. Limit coffee intake to morning hours only.

6. Taking some melatonin

Try taking some melatonin if you want to fall asleep easily. Melatonin works well and there is a lower risk of negative effects when compared to other sleep medications. If there is something important you have to attend to the next morning and need to get early, try to take some. You shouldn’t rely on them every night. They work best in a pinch.

7. Setting up your room

If you are having a hard time with sleep, it could be because of your room. Is it too cold as you try to sleep? Too hot? Is your mattress uncomfortable? You need to make your bedroom conducive for sleep. You can do this by investing in a Forty Winks mattress, setting the temperature, getting rid of noise and unwanted lights, and cleaning your room.

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