Toyota Corolla vs Mitsubishi Lancer: Which Should You Buy?

If you do not know the Toyota Corolla and the Mitsubishi Lancer down to the very detail, then it is very possible to mistake one for the other. These cars look almost exactly the same that in a sea of compact sedans, it is normal to think that one is a Corolla when it is in fact a Lancer, and vice-versa.

When you have two cars with only trivial exterior details setting them apart from each other, how do you know which is better?

Considering that the Toyota Corolla and Mitsubishi Lancer come from the same segment of cars, you might be tempted to just choose any of them if you are in the market for a compact sedan. Well, don’t. These cars may have the same body style and front wheel drive system, but it takes a closer look to discover how they are actually poles apart. Let’s see what each of them has to offer in terms of design, comfort, safety, technology and performance in this Lancer and Corolla reviews.


Since the Toyota Corolla and Mitsubishi Lancer belong to the same segment and look like two peas in a pod, their major difference comes down to the petrol engine that lies under their bonnets. While the Toyota Corolla derives its power and torque from its Toyota-designed four-cylinder, 16-valve, 124-horsepower engine, the Mitsubishi Lancer comes with a four-cylinder, 16-valve, 111-horsepower powertrain. The difference in the horsepower that these two engines produce says a lot about how much they differ in terms of the power that they deliver. But the Toyota Corolla has more to offer than just power.

In real-world driving, you will see that the Toyota Corolla has better agility than the Mitsubishi Lancer. This compact sedan can reach 100 km/h in almost a couple seconds less than its rival, and it has a better acceleration, too. Compared to the Mitsubishi Lancer, the Toyota Corolla can accelerate by as much as 4 km/h more at 195 km/hr.

You will also appreciate how the Toyota Corolla has unrivalled suspension and handling, with its independent suspensions in the front and rear allowing its wheels to not lose their grips on the road even when trudging difficult terrain. The independent suspensions also allow the Corolla’s wheels to stay at an angle that perfectly complements the road, resulting in a much smoother and comfortable ride. Other trims of the Toyota Corolla have a semi-independent rear suspension, which is not bad either.

When it comes to how much fuel they consume, there is not much to compare since both the Toyota Corolla and Mitsubishi Lancer consume an average of 6.7 L/ 100km in real-world driving. It is important to note, however, that the Toyota Corolla has a bigger fuel capacity than the Mitsubishi Lancer and therefore has a longer range.


If safety is your priority, you will never go wrong with either the Toyota Corolla or the Mitsubishi Lancer. Both compact sedans have excellent NCAP ratings, having received the same number of stars for the safety and security that they offer. If you take a closer look at their vehicle mass, however, you will see that the Toyota Corolla has a slim advantage with 1% more metal than Lancer.

It is also worth considering what specific features the Toyota Corolla and Mitsubishi Lancer come with when it comes to safety. If there is one thing you will love about the Mitsubishi Lancer in this respect, it has to be its all-wheel-drive option. That means if you are driving under tough conditions such as snow, you have the option of boosting traction so you can handle it with ease. But while the Toyota Corolla does not offer this feature, it boasts of its better equipment inside. Carrying on the Toyota legacy when it comes to safety, the Toyota Corolla is packed with safety features that are built to last. These features are designed not only to protect you and your passengers from collision but also to ensure that the cars and pedestrians on the road with you are in the safe zone as well.

Coming as standard to all trims of the Toyota Corolla are plenty of airbags in the front and on its sides, rearview cameras, running lights, traction control, front seatbelt pretensioners, height adjustable front shoulder belts, electronic stability systems, lane keeping assist, and more. While the Mitsubishi Lancer also has many of these features, they are only available in its higher trims—which puts you at a disadvantage if you are going for an entry-level trim.

What also sets the Toyota Corolla apart from the Mitsubishi Lancer is that its safety features do not only protect you when an accident is already at hand. Instead, its features allow you to drive safely so you can prevent any accident from happening. No wonder, the Toyota Corolla has a reputation for nailing crash tests, earning more stars than any other compact sedan.


There is no question about the reliability of both the Mitsubishi Lancer and the Toyota Corolla, and it is difficult judging which of them is more reliable unless you drive them yourself. For some drivers, the Mitsubishi Lancer is more reliable than the Toyota Corolla because of its all-wheel-drive feature. Taking everything into account, however, it is easy to see that the Corolla has an advantage over the other because of its standard safety features. The build quality of this compact sedan is excellent and its top safety levels are difficult to match, and it has strong scores from car enthusiasts who have tried it in real-world driving. While the reliability of the Mitsubishi Lancer is also impressive, even its all-wheel drive feature may not be enough to match the Toyota Corolla’s impressive list of on-board safety features and performance on the road.

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Both the Toyota Corolla and Mitsubishi Lancer are desirable compact sedans, but there is a marginal difference when it comes to their safety and reliability. While both cars are capable of delivering impressive performance on the road, the added protection that the Toyota Corolla offers is something you cannot overlook.

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