Unique Future Careers for Students Studying Economics

Economics is a subject that can opted during senior school years in India and has a varied range of scope. Simply put, economics is the field involved with the manufacture, supply, and consumerism of goods and consumption of services. As humans developed with time and modified their surroundings to suit them better, they developed certain systems to help them function without error. To name these systems– social, cultural, political and economic are the major ones. With the dawn of agriculture in a civilization, communities began to produce food in bulks and the distribution was paid attention to. Slowly with innovative technologies the economic system would spread through the population in trade and commerce.

In this generation, having a degree in economics not just indicates to wealth in the pocket but also a range of exciting opportunities. A few fields in which a student of economics can shine are:

  • Accountancy
  • Business Consultancy
  • Management Consultancy
  • Banking
  • Data Analysis
  • Risk Analysis in various sectors

The main action of any efficient professional in the field is being involved first in researching and then analysing the economic figures, problems and data. When selecting school project ideas, the kind of research that goes behind the strategies, efforts and execution are the same required to select one’s suitable job sector. Economics is such a holistic field that allows its aspirants to select from multiple spheres. Other than the booming industries that are mentioned above, economics is of extreme importance in the public administrative sector. Political risk analysis is something that has come to the forefront recently and is given a vital role.
In the changing world, consumerism is at its peak. People consuming goods and services according to their wants and not needs is the future trend. Their social capital directs their finances and thus what is theorized as ‘conspicuous consumption’, which indicates to the consuming behaviour of a specific income class to intensify power dynamics by indulging in a luxury market for goods and services. And in a world with free markets, an economist can never lose his or her value no matter how much progress science makes. More and more meritorious pupils in our country can be ready to take economics as a sustainable, diverse and exciting opportunity for the future. High school students might want to start thinking about economic project ideas as a first step of preparation.

If you are studying economics and wondering which of these arenas would be the most appropriate to your personality and skills, it is best to do a few internships and have the work experience. The Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) arranges an essay writing contest termed “The Dorian Fisher Memorial Prize”, yearly. This competition gives a chance to individuals to develop skills and is open to students who are outside the United Kingdom.  For any other doubts regarding upcoming jobs or careers, check out It is an online learning platform for students helping them to find careers aligned with their knacks.

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