What are the different strains of hybrid cannabis out there?

Cannabis products are of different varieties out there and you can get several health benefits upon the consumption of each of these varieties. It is easy to get the desired cannabis or weed product from the nearby weed delivery Vancouver store. However, you should make sure that you know the characteristics and benefits of the product you buy. To know the benefits, it is necessary to make yourself comfortable with the types of cannabis products available. Cannabis indica and sativa are the two parental species. Using these parental plants, growers would mix and create a hybrid variety with mixed characteristics. In this article, let us discuss some of these hybrid strains of cannabis in brief.

Hybrid strains of cannabis to know

Ruderalis – Ruderalis is a type of hybrid cannabis that would have higher attributes of indica plants and lower attributes of a sativa plant. So, you could not get immediate high consuming this plant. However, you can get the medicinal benefits of CBD. Since it is a hybrid variety, you can have a little bit of a high feeling.

Gorilla Glue – Gorilla glue is a hybrid strain of weed that would help you in treating insomnia and other issues related to your mental stability. Your high feeling will be instantaneous as the hybrid variety is full of THC at higher grades. You could feel like it is a mix-up of Chocolate Diesel and Chem’s sister with its smell and taste. Once you consume the plant, you will feel the sour taste after a while.

Chemdawg – Chemdawg would be helpful if you are looking for some mental and physical relaxation. Coming with a sour taste, the curing process would produce smoke. Chemdawg also contains a lot of THC that will make you get high as soon as you consume it. However, your concentration would increase upon consumption rather than getting diverted from your surroundings. People say that their focus increase upon consumption of this plant.

Sour Diesel – As the name says, it will taste like something sour and you can smell the diesel odor upon curing. Sour diesel is something that contains combinational constituents of both sativa and indica plants. So, you can get medicinal benefits and physical benefits as well. People who consume sour diesel claim that they feel energetic and motivated after consumption of this hybrid strain.

Purple Kush – You can say that it is not a hybrid variety but a sativa plant. Although there would be some CBD components, you would get the most of its THC content. Hence, you can get all the benefits of mental relaxation and reduction in stress or depression. However, you should cope with the initial high it provides.

Blue Dream – Blue dream is a hybrid variety weed that would help you in the activation of your cerebrum. Since the vital part of your brain gets activated, you will get the energy and motivation to do things with high concentration. It would also help you in treating anxiety and depression.

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