What are the facts and figures which have made Call Of Duty: Warzone a popular game?

Call of duty has become one of the preferable game in the world. People are in love with this game, and they are plying it insanely. There are so many factors because of which it has won people’s heart. There are several battle games, but because of the high-quality graphics, types of equipment and modes of the game, this game has become a marvellous thing to play. The game gained popularity when people started knowing about the facts which we have discussed. Some other things like warzone hacks is also a reason for its popularity.

Talking about the origin and the other things which make this game a marvellous piece, we have so many things to discuss. This is like other battle games, but the experience of playing this game is far better than those games, and it is said by the players who are playing this game. This game has so many seasons, or we can say versions; the warzone is also a version of modern warfare 2. Let’s learn some of the facts and figures about this game in deep.

How it started

Call of duty ahs so many versions as we know. The warzone version was released on March 10, 2020. This is a free battle game and was originally designed for only some devices, but now it can also be played on mobile phones and tabs. It was initially launched to support Play station 4, Play station 5, Xbox One, Xbox series X/S and Microsoft windows. This game was going to released as a part of the modern warfare version of call of duty, but it didn’t require the purchase of this game, and it is released in modern warfare 2. The developers of this game are Infinity Ward and Raven Software, and it is published by Activision.

This is the first game that supports up to 150 players to play in a singles match at the same time. Some of the modes of this game also support 200 players at a time, but it has a limited time period. This game basically consists of two modes which are, Plunder and Battle Royale. In this new version of call of duty, a new feature has also been introduced, which is the in-game currency, that is, the cash which you will find in the game and through which you can buy so many things in the game. This game is receiving very positive reviews from people, and people love this game because of its new features.


In battle games, maps play a vital role in making the gaming experience as the more interesting and challenging the map is, the more interesting will be the game. Warzone has two maps in it named Verdansk and Rebirth island.

  • Verdansk is the map of a city in which there are lots of vehicles and buildings are there. The city map will be found in every battle game, and it is the basic map of all the games. This is a fictional map and is featured after the map of modern warfare. This map looks like a city (which is in the real) named Donetsk city. This map is also introduced in modern warfare 6, but in that, it has a variant of night mode, which was introduced on Halloween.
  • Rebirth island is the map of an island which is a different map from the other games. This map is the second map of this game, and it has some good variants in it. You can unlock this map at a certain level, and then you can play in it.

 This map is based on the map of a real island named Vozrozhdeniya island. The content of this map is integrated from the Black ops cold war. You will find this map in the Call of Duty: Black ops also but in the blackout mode. It is said that it is the reimagination of an island named Alcatraz island. This map is beautiful than the map of verdansk, but it only allows 40 players to play in it simultaneously. 


Equipments are one of the main things which attract players to play the game. The equipment should be good; otherwise, players will not get interested in the game. In the beginning, the player will get an X-16 pistol with which he/she can start the game and can kill their opponents. Some of the battle games provide a knife and other small equipments to start the game.

Other than these equipments, you will get so many types of guns and explosives in this game. You can take it to form the other opponents also as you can pick their equipments after killing them and can also buy these equipments. You will also get shields at a particular stage, and they will be multiplied after some time with increasing levels. Besides these, there is a new thing introduced in this game that is an in-game currency with which you can buy equipments and some other features and can unlock maps and so on.

Cheats and Hacks

Cheats and hacks are also a part of the game, as using these will help you to play good, and it will make your gaming experience better. There are so many cheats and hacks as they are mainly used to remove the obstacles and kill your opponents more easily. ESP is a hack in which you will be given an x-ray glass, and after wearing it, you can view the things behind solid surfaces and obstacles and can kill your opponents more easily. With the removals, you can remove the obstacles like smoke, fog, and so many other obstacles. There are some hacks also which will help you to clear the way for you and fix the bugs in the game.  


Call of duty; warzone is found to be one of the best games in the world. There are lots of things that make this game more interesting for people, and the features of this game also play a vital role. Some of the points are discussed about the game, which includes the origin of the game, maps of the game and types of equipments of the game.

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