What Diagnostic Tests are Required Before One Can Undergo the Lasik Procedure?

Lasik surgeries have been relied on for quite some time now. Their precision and recovery time have made it the most helpful eye surgery in recent times. There are many eye doctors who specialize in these surgeries. And it is best to consult with an expert when it comes to your vision. Even though it is widely used with great results, doctors have to run a lot of tests to check whether or not you can undergo this surgery. You may go to a doctor that has been your eye specialist for years. Even then, they will have to run a few tests before they can qualify you for the surgery. These tests are done to see whether or not your eyes are healthy to deal with something like this. More importantly, to what extent will the surgery help you- All are determined by these tests.

What Kind of Tests will be Carried Out Before Your Lasik Surgery?

Lasik eye surgeries in Delhi will have you test for the shape and thickness of your cornea, the kind of tear production you have, pupil size, natural lubrication of your eyes and refraction. While these tests are on, you cannot wear your contact lenses. This is because the lenses will unnecessarily press your corneas a bit too much. This will cause a wrong reading of your cornea at the time of these tests. Your cornea is not actually that curved but changing the shape of the cornea is an important factor and can determine in which the surgery will go.

An intraocular pressure test will be done on you to ensure that there are no signs of glaucoma or developing glaucoma. Glaucoma is a condition when there is too much pressure in the eyes that it causes damage to the optic nerve and therefore, the vision. A tear drop test will also be conducted. This will be done to see the natural lubrication of your eyes. Lasik surgeries anyway cause a lot of dryness to the eyes. This is why the eyes need to have a good natural support system. This is also why it is advised that you drink a lot of water after the surgery. This will help improve your recovery. However, the doctors have to carry this test out because it is a natural defence mechanism of the eye.

The size of your pupil will be checked too. All these will be done after the dilation of your eyes, so the doctor can have a better look at what they are dealing with. If you have large pupils, you can be at the risk of developing possible side effects. You may have a glare, like a halo after the surgery. In such a case, the doctor may employ a different kind of Lasik surgery. There is no one way to go about these surgeries and is a case-by-case understanding. That is why all these tests are carried out in such detail.

Why is the Cornea So Important to This Surgery?

It is a clear film- like membrane that controls the amount of light that will enter your eye. When the light enters your eye, it falls on the retina to form the image that you can now see. When the light does not fall on the right spot in the retina, that means that the filter, that is, the cornea, is not doing its job properly. This is when we get spectacles as it also the light to refract properly through the cornea and you are able to see clearly. The Lasik surgery will remove a layer of the cornea and when it heals is when you get a clear vision. This is why it is important for your eye specialist to check the curvature of the eye and its thickness. Any problems in this- A cornea too thin or thick, too steep or too flat can and will cause problems in the Lasik surgery (website). The doctor will suggest different types of Lasik treatments for you in this case. This will ensure that the least amounts of problems come your way.

Where Can You Get These Tests Done?

The eye doctor that you consult will carry out these tests for you. You do not have to go anywhere to get them done especially. They will happen in the clinic or hospital you have chosen to get the surgery in. It is important that the doctor conducts these tests in person because it will tell them the situation exactly when they take a look themselves. However, there are many measures and tests that are now used to show the exact nature of everything in your eye.

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