Have you ever heard the quote which says “being bald is also the beautiful thing?” But only the people having bald will understand the difficulty of losing their hair. As time grows, the technology and choice of preventing bald are also growing. So, in this article, we will see the options available in the non-surgical hair replacement system.

What is a hair replacement system?

If you are looking for a way to protect your hair or to prevent bald, then the best and effective treatment will be a non-surgical hair replacement system. The hair replacement system is also known as hairpieces or toupees or wigs. The hair replacement system is one of the instant solutions for all types of hair loss patients. Whatever the reason for your hair loss either hereditary or chemotherapy or medications or some other reason, still the hair replacement system will be the best choice to prefer.

According to some research, it has been observed that 2/3 of Americans will start to face hair loss problems before the age of 35 and after reaching the age of 50 most men will have thin hair or some even become bald. According to the American Hair Loss Association, they have mentioned that 25% of men have suffered from hair loss or male pattern baldness before they reach the age of 21.

The hair replacement system has founded 20 years before and this kind of treatment is believed to be the progressive solution for any type of hair loss. Most people will go for surgical treatment to prevent hair loss, but the surgical treatments are painful and also it will cost a lot. The surgical treatment will only hide the issues, but the non-surgical hair replacement system will help to cover the issue.

The hair replacement system is getting more popular as each day passes by and this will be the perfect solution for all types of baldness and also it will be suitable for all men.

How non-surgical hair replacement system is done?

When it comes to the non-surgical hair replacement system, the procedure will be unique and simple. Also, the procedure of the hair replacement system includes several steps which are scalp preparation, a hair system fitting, and a styling session. Once the hair replacement is done, it is also important to maintain it. The main goal of the system is to duplicate the look of the person according to their head and each look should be natural. Hair replacement has become a common and most popular solution for both men and women in treating hair loss.

In the modern hair replacement system, we can see a lot of advancement in technology that will make the procedure more superior. Here is the procedure how the non-surgical hair replacement can be done;

  1. The first step in the hair replacement system is that we need to create the mold of the patient’s scalp. The replication of the scalp should be identical so that it will perfectly fit the area of the scalp
  2. In the hair replacement system, the customized scalp template is done only in the area which is subjected to the hair loss
  3. Through this treatment, it is possible to cover the bilateral temporal recession, crown thinning, and in some cases even it is possible to gradually restore the head full of hair

You need to consider one thing that the hair replacement system should be precise, and also it will come at an affordable rate. The procedure is painless, non-intrusive, and even the adhesive used in the treatment will not react to the sweat and water. If you prefer the hair replacement system, then you need to detach, clean, and reattach it every four weeks.

Benefits of hair replacement system:

  • Even though the hair replacement system has been founded in the past still it has been developed technologically as it will be very natural and it is virtually undetectable
  • The hair replacement will match according to your hair type and color, so it will be more realistic
  • You can do all kinds of activities while wearing the hair replacement system even you can wash it as it will be more like a natural hair
  • It will stay on your scalp for a longer time which will depend on the adhesives and how your body reacts to the adhesives

Tips to choose the right hair replacement system:

When it comes to the non-surgical hair replacement system, it should be very natural and also make sure that it gives a best-finished patch. There are varieties of hair replacement systems is available and you need to choose the one that suits your scalp.

Here are the certain tips that will help you to choose the right replacement system for your scalp;

  • The size is important as the right size will fit exactly your head and it won’t seem weird. Also, it will make you look natural and undetectable
  • The next tip is to choose the right color, as the color will match your real hair and also it will naturally get attached to your hair
  • The right density of hair is also important as you need to target only the area which has hair loss. The density of hair can be chosen by age and sometimes if you prefer thick hair it may look natural
  • The most important tip is to fix the hairline as if you fix it too high on the forehead then it will be unnatural so you need to fix it where the actual hairline is
  • Nobody’s hairline is straight so the hairline should be transitional so it would be better to get a perfect hairline

Bottom Line:

We have a lot of treatments available when it comes to treating hair loss, but when compared to surgical treatment the non-surgical hair replacement system is the most suitable technique. This is one of the best treatments that don’t cost you more and it is a painless process.

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