What is International School Consultancy?

According to a study done by ISC Research, the number of international schools had increased by over 5.6% in 2019. As more investors are picking the interest in international schools, the competition for students gets even stiffer. Getting ahead of your competitors in the market will require you to be more innovative in the way you offer your international education services. 

As an owner or investor in an international school, you will need an international School Consultancy to help in building a sustainable strategy that can put you ahead of your competition. But what is international school consultancy? That’s the question we are going to answer with this article. We shall discuss what international school consultancy is and the roles companies offering these services play in the international education business. 

What is International School Consultancy?

International school consultancies are third-party companies with expertise in international education to offer guidance to international schools on how they can market and improve their services. So, the main role of any international school consultancy is to help guide investors and owners of international schools on how best to grow their business in the highly competitive global market. 

Some of the common services offered by an international school consultancy include; 

  • Finding investors for your school business: If you have just started an international school, you will often not have enough funds to scale up the business. An international school consultancy can help you find and convince education investors to inject money into the business. 
  • Learn and explore Leadership with the experts: Leadership is crucial to the growth of an international school and any other organization. Experts from an international school consultancy can help train your international school leaders on how best to execute their various leadership tasks. 
  • Promoting your school to the global market: Marketing is crucial for any newly established international school that wants to grow its audience in the international space. International school consultancies have marketing experts that know how best to present your educational consultancy services to your potential global audience. 

  • Enabling a positive school climate: The environment in your school plays a vital role in retaining your current students and attracting new ones. An international school consultancy can guide you on improving the environment in your school to make it suitable for the kind of students you have and the ones you want to attract. 
  • Offering best advice on building effectiveness across your school: Having an international school that is effective in all departments is a competitive advantage that will help your school attract more students than your rivals. Building this kind of effectiveness in the school will require the expertise of an international school consultancy. 
  • Put the building of your international school on the right track: Creating an effective strategy to grow your international school is one of the major challenges that most owners and investors face. However, you can put the building on your international school back on track by bringing onboard experts to help you create a sustainable growth model for your school. 

Final thoughts

Hiring an education consultancy company to guide you in some of the crucial operations of the school could be a little costly, but the rewards you get are worth the investment. While choosing a consultancy to outsource, you will have to first do a background study to ensure you chose one that will meet your desired goals. 

If you are operating an international school in Thailand, China, UK, the USA, Canada, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, or South Korea, Whitehead, Lee & Associates Co. Ltd is one of the most reliable companies that you can consult for the best advice. They have the expertise and experience in providing high-quality, bespoke, business-education solutions for owners and leaders of international and private schools worldwide.

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