Why New Moms Recommend Pregnancy Massage

If you’ve ever had a massage from a skilled professional, you could most likely attest to the fact that your body and mind felt better afterward. The same sensations can result from pregnancy massages (also referred to as prenatal massages). They may feel even better because of the extra weight a woman gains, the posture changes she experiences, and any pains and aches she may feel during pregnancy.

Recently, many more pregnant women are getting pregnancy massages to help them deal with their bodies’ internal and external changes and any discomfort they experience as they carry their unborn child or children. A maternal massage during pregnancy intends to help pregnant women feel good by targeting changes they experience with circulation, mobility, muscle tension, and soreness. Many new moms who had a prenatal massage before giving birth are likely to recommend such massages for reasons described below.

Pregnancy massages are safe.

A prenatal massage isn’t much different from a traditional massage, except that it entails adapting techniques to maintain an expecting mother’s well-being and that of her unborn child. Pregnancy massage professionals, like the licensed therapists at Endota Spa, know the techniques to employ, any pressure points to avoid, the proper positions for pregnant women’s bodies, and how to customize your treatment based on your needs.

To ensure the safety of these beneficial massages, trained prenatal massage therapists consider a woman’s pregnancy stage and if she has a high-risk condition. For instance, while pregnancy massages are safe and have no association with miscarriage or premature labor, many trained professionals avoid giving massages to women during their first trimester because evidence suggests that the overall miscarriage risk is typically highest this period. Likewise, skilled massage therapists may not provide massages to women experiencing complications like preeclampsia, blood clotting, or high blood pressure.

Prenatal massages can be beneficial for stress reduction and enhanced sleep.

Resting can seem elusive during pregnancy, especially when it can be challenging to find a comfortable sleeping position that accommodates your baby’s growth and your physical changes. It’s common for many pregnant women to experience morning sickness, anxiety, stress, fatigue, and physical discomfort, contributing to sleeping difficulties. In such cases, leveraging the benefits of prenatal massages can help expectant mothers enhance their sleep quality and improve their moods by decreasing stress hormone levels.

Getting a massage during pregnancy can help alleviate pain and swelling.

A pregnant woman undergoes posture changes as her baby grows in her stomach, pushing her abdomen outward. The realignment of her center of gravity over her hips can cause stress on the joints and muscles that can result in neck, shoulder, pelvic, or lower back pain. Research findings support the effectiveness of massage therapy for aches and pains during pregnancy. Likewise, swelling (also called edema) is typical among pregnant women. Leg, ankle, and feet swelling typically occur in some pregnancies as the uterus grows and adds pressure to veins in the legs. Pregnant massage therapy demonstrates effectiveness in helping reduce fluid buildup.

New moms who enjoyed prenatal massages may continue these massages into their postpartum period, too, especially considering swelling and discomfort may continue after the baby’s birth. Breastfeeding, for example, can bring on swelling and breast engorgement in some cases. Using an excellent online resource designed to provide tips, advice, wellness content, and guides regarding motherhood, pregnancy, and baby products, such as TrulyMama, can help new moms find the best breast pumps and supplies to make breastfeeding more comfortable. This site can also serve as a safe space for new moms to read about and learn from other new and expectant mothers’ experiences and find suitable ways to adjust to motherhood and bodily changes, aches, and pains associated with pregnancy.

Getting a maternal massage during and after pregnancy can ultimately improve a woman’s health outcomes. Consider discussing this popular and highly recommended practice with your obstetrician to begin experiencing the benefits of professional prenatal massages.

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