Workplace during COVID-19

A pleasant and stimulating work environment looks different for everyone. This is simply because everyone has different requirements for what their ideal workplace should look like.

Employers often think very differently about this than employees and younger employees in turn have a completely different wish list for their ideal workplace than their older colleagues.
The feeling that predominates is that you can do what you are good at and develop yourself in a pleasant and production-enhancing work environment.

The ideal office during and after the corona crisis

The corona crisis has a significant effect on how we think about the office. Many offices (partially) closed their doors. Both employers and employees wonder how we can return to the office. Many organizations have refurbished their offices to comply with a one-and-a-half meter measure to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

But how will that go in the future, if there is a vaccine, the one-half meter measure will be abolished? Many people currently work from home. And more and more studies show that employees want to continue working from home even after the corona crisis. It is also important to set up a good workplace there. Del Mar office space also provides flexible workplaces. 

Healthy workplace

For the time being, organizations in the Netherlands are investing little in the way of health and vitality. While a broad study published in Harvard Business Review shows that every euro invested generally pays for itself two to three times. The healthy workplace is a combination of 4 factors:

  • Body (physical health)
  • Brain (mental health)
  • Behavior (healthy behavior)
  • Building (healthy workplace and environment).

Mental and physical health

A pleasant and productive working environment stands or falls with a good interior. It goes without saying that this should be anything but a standard interior. After all, it must withstand all kinds of use and be suitable for various users. And it may have an inspiring effect. So think of (day) light and natural colors, but don’t be afraid to use a solid color accent every now and then. Create an atmosphere that people feel comfortable in. That feeling does not only have to translate into a nice desk or a nice chair. The interior should offer people the opportunity to work as they wish. Why, for example, no facilities for standing work or meetings add to your office design? A ‘sit-stand workplace’ only benefits health – and therefore general well-being.

An organization that attaches great importance to a healthy working environment.

A pleasant working environment ensures that the user is given the opportunity to meet and work together on the one hand and, on the other hand, can perform individual work in silence. Those needs can vary throughout the day. The working environment must therefore be varied, so that everyone can find his or her place. Freedom of choice plays an important role in this. But the question is whether employees want a flex desk, or their own workplace. To maintain your Oil tank you can visit this site DÉGAZAGE CUVE À FIOULE ÎLE DE FRANCE.

That demands a lot from the organization. After all, they must have sufficient space, create workplaces of good quality there and ensure that those workplaces are also available to everyone. You can check workplaces at Del Mar CA office space.

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