4 Things to Know About Shoulder Extension Exercise

There are three bones, two joints, and a network of different muscles and tendons that make up the human shoulder. When you move your arm in front of you towards your face it’s called shoulder flexion. And when it moves behind you it’s called shoulder extension.

Shoulder extension exercises can help increase mobility through the shoulder and release tension. They are often used when a person is recovering from a shoulder injury.

Read below for a few important tips for shoulder extension exercise.

1. Shoulder Extension Bridges

This is a great exercise for beginners. Start by sitting on the floor with your feet flat on the ground. Place your hands behind you for support as you gently lift your hips into a bridge. Think about pulling your shoulder blades back and down.

Move through this exercise slowly and don’t continue if you experience pain. This is one of many shoulder extension strengthening exercises you can add to your routine.

2. Weighted Shoulder Extension Exercise

Different types of shoulder pain require different exercises and stretches for rehabilitation. This weighted exercise is one of the best exercises for shoulder extension regardless of your condition or injury.

Start by laying on a table face down with your arms resting beside the table. You can hold small weights in each hand or start without weights and work your way up. Next, slowly raise your arms into a “y” shape overhead without bending your elbows. Once your arms are level with your body on the table, lower them back to the resting position.

3. Standing Band Shoulder Extension

Wondering how to exercise your shoulder using an exercise band? Try this exercise! Attach a band to a stable anchor and grab each side in one hand. Step away from the anchor so that there is tension in the band (but not too much).

Next, pull the band behind you slowly drawing your shoulder blades together and down. Try not to let your shoulders rise to your ears because that may put tension on your neck.

4. Incline Bicep Curls

If you’re ready to work shoulder flexion and extension in a more advanced way, try incline bicep curls. Sit on a weight bench with the back of the bench supporting your back. Choose small to medium-sized weights and hold them on either side of the bench as you sit. 

Curl the weights toward your chest and lift your elbow slightly. Return the weight to the resting position and resume. 

Ready to Work Your Shoulder Extension?

These four shoulder extension exercise examples can help you increase the mobility of your shoulder and strengthen your back at the same time! Remember to go slowly and stop if there is pain. Seek a pain management specialist to help you in your recovery process.

You can add these exercises to your daily routine to experience real results fast. And if you’re looking for more health and fitness advice, check out all the great content we have on our blog!

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