Cheap photography accessories that will make your life easier

Camera gears are known to be quite expensive but it is possible to get cheap camera accessories in the market. The following are some of the gadgets which you should consider adding in your camera bag no matter the type of photography which you do. They can easily help you in making your photo shoot to go on smoothly and your workflow to be effective.

They include the following:

Cleaning supplies for the camera

It doesn’t really matter how careful you can be with the camera gear, it is likely going to be dirty. That is why, it is important that you have your lens and camera cleaning supplies handy. The good thing is that, they are quite cheap and thus, you don’t have an excuse of not buying them. The following are some of the few tools for cleaning:

  • The lens cloths: Cleaning cloths made from microfiber is known to remove smudges and dust from the filters and the front of the lens.
  • Rocket blower: Also referred to as bulb blower, you can use the rubber device in blowing the dust from the sensor of the camera and the front lens. If you utilize it on your camera sensor, you have to ensure that you are pointing the camera downwards to ensure that the dust falls on the ground. 
  • Lens pens: They are known to have the same function like the lens cloths but they are easier to remain clean and target the areas with problems.
  • Lens cleaning liquid: When the lens pen or clots is not doing the trick, you can use the cleaning liquid to give  you the best results. 

Rain sleeve

Though most lenses and cameras are said to be weather resistant, it is still good that you ensure to carry a rain gear with you. It will be able to assist when there is a downpour as well as when shooting in wet conditions like while riding a boat or having to sit in the first row while in the sea world. 

There are various rain covers options that you will get out in the market, which include the normal plastic bag for shopping and the zip lock bags. If your camera is relatively small, going for a DIY home option might be okay. But if it is the bigger cameras and lenses, it will be best if you invested in a rain sleeve meant for cameras. They are affordable and can be reused and they are available in various sizes to fit the camera well than what the regular plastic bag for shopping might offer.

Foldable reflector

It does not really matter the kind of photography that you are into, you need to have a reflector. They are devices with a lot of flexibility and thus, great for adding a kiss of light to whatever scene you are handling. Reflectors normally come in various shapes and sizes. The versatile one is the 5 in one which offers silver, white, black, gold and translucent surfaces.

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