5 facts why you should use paint protection film on your vehicle

A new car looks stunning. The engine is sturdy, interior is stainless and paint is breath-taking. But, the tragedy here is that every time you turn your ignition key, you expose your prized possession to unrelenting punishment. Stuff like bird droppings, rock chips, salt, bug splatter and other innumerable road debris mar the exterior of your very-much admirable car.

This is where paint protection film comes into action. Companies like 3m Paint Protection Film offer urethane covering to the exterior of your car and protect it from any visible damage. Here are some of the reasons why you should use paint protection film on your car:

1. It helps you maintain the showroom quality of your car

You must be devoted to following the normal practices to preserve the exterior of your car such as washing and waxing, cautiously parking and driving safely. So, you may question, do you really need Paint Protection Film to protect your car’s exterior?

Well, the reality is that no type of healthy maintenance habits can secure your car from road debris hitting your car when driving. No wax can offer the right defense you receive from paint protection film. It makes a permanent barrier between your car’s paint and the hazards of the road, and keeps its original paint quality intact. Your will look new for a longer time period when you use paint protection film as it prevents your car from getting affected by things which accelerate its aging.

2. It is crystal clear

Well, all protections have an aesthetic price, but paint protection film is different. It doesn’t take the look of your car, rather works as a clear bra. It is invisible to naked eye and your car’s exterior will appear as glossy and bright after the film has been applied just like it was before. It doesn’t affect the polish of the car in any way.

3. It adds to the enjoyment you get from your car

Well, you are always under the threat that anything may strike your car while you are driving the car down the road. Imagine walking out of your car and seeing a disfigurement inflicted by gravel.

However, with the paint protection film applied on your car, you will not face such a situation. You will see your car in its most pristine condition, no matter where and when you drive it. The Paint Protection Film gives you the peace of mind that your exterior is defended from innumerable threats on the road.

4. It keeps the resale value of your car intact

Apart from offering emotional benefits, paint protection film also offers fiscal benefits when you think of selling your car. When you sell a car with similar mileage, unprotected and with defects in the exterior, it decreases its value. But with paint protection film for a car of same mileage, you can fetch a better price as the car may appear to be just out of a showroom model.

5. Custom installation gives higher protection

Custom PPF is expensive as additional labor is included, but it offers better protection, seamless look and complete coverage. It is suggested to find a reliable installer who can help you with custom cut installation.

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