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Why vinyl windows is the best option for new windows in Canada?

Windows Canada plays several roles in your home. They enhance the aesthetic appeal, energy efficiency and comfort of the house. This is why window replacement is important to make your house look good and comfortable. Old and rot windows can make your home cold during winters and very hot during summers. Vinyl windows are the best replacement windows in Canada.

Different circumstances

Let’s start by saying different situations call for a different window type. For instance, if you are restoring a century old house, wooden windows are good. This isn’t because wood is long-lasting or energy efficient but to maintain the authenticity and aesthetic look of the house. But, a lot of historic homes in Canada await restoration. So, let us find out why vinyl windows are preferred to aluminum and wood.

Vinyl is cheaper

Well, vinyl costs less than wood. Also, the idea of cutting trees just to have their glass covered discourages a lot of people from going for wood. The recent technological advancements have made vinyl production cheaper and eco-friendlier in comparison to wood and aluminum. Teamed with Energy Star rating, it proves to be one of the best options for new windows in Canada.

Quick turnaround

Another benefit of PVC windows along with their energy efficiency and low price is that they are made faster. You don’t need to wait too long for custom made vinyl windows in comparison to wood and aluminum frame windows. The reason is fully technological.

Good quality PVC can be made quickly now and it allows companies to install your windows in less than 10 days after purchase. It is not possible with wood or aluminum as you would have to wait for 3 to 10 weeks for their installation.


Vinyl windows can take care of themselves. They don’t need any special maintenance. Your only concern with these windows is to clean them. It is also not a need, but just a casual want. Vinyl windows don’t need to be painted or re-sealed. They are a total maintenance-free product.

Designs and styles

There is no shortage of styles in vinyl windows. You will go aww when you look at the available designs. They are an above average product and recommended for all houses with modern look. If you have renovated your house and wish to match the windows with your new house look, then designs of vinyl windows are the best recommendation for you.

Environmental friendly

Often people ask the question: are vinyl windows safe for the environment because they are made of chemically made PVC lead. Well, PVC doesn’t include any off-gassing technique in its production. Hence it is completely environmental friendly. It also offers a higher energy efficiency and saves your energy bills.

If you want to check the availability of style and colors of vinyl windows, then Window Mart is your one-stop solution. They have the best quality vinyl windows available. If you need customization, you can discuss with their sales team.

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