6 Creative Ways To Make Your Workplace More Fun

It’s proven that happier employees are more productive and more likely to stay working at your company. Work and fun used to be two words that rarely belong together because of the misconception that the workplace should be professional and severe. There’s truth to that, but that doesn’t mean that employees should suffer at their 9-5 schedules. If you’d like to promote more fun at the office, here are ideas on how you can turn things around from a drab atmosphere:

1. Allow Flexible Schedules

Working eight hours and more can be detrimental, especially when the work is demanding. That means that people spend more time in the office than at home with their families. Allowing your team to work from home once in a while shows that you care about their familial lives. It can lessen their stress, and they have something to look forward to.

2. Arrange A Fun Way To Introduce New Hires

Holding a morning assembly is the traditional way to introduce a new employee to the workplace. But, you can do better to make them feel more like a part of the team than simply another office worker. New hires are more likely to be enthusiastic at work when senior co-workers acknowledge them. It’s even better when the whole team gets invited for a fun day for new hires to get to know everyone.

The company can arrange fun activities such as board games, karaoke, or a pizza party. Challenge them to a game of indoor shuffleboard and award prizes. A day of fun will ease the tension, and your new hires will get the idea of the kind of office culture you have.

3. Create An Employee Wellness Program

A stressful nine-to-five job can contribute to poor health problems. Another way to create a happy workplace is by setting up a wellness program for your staff. Wellness programs may cater to individuals’ physical and mental well-being and their intellectual, financial, and emotional needs.

A dedicated wellness program can include:

  • Healthy-eating challenges
  • Counseling for mental health
  • Yoga at the park for the whole staff
  • Discount vouchers to the nearest fitness gym where you can work out with your officemates
  • Inviting speakers on saving and investing

Such programs that cater to the health of your staff will make them think that the company is more than just work and will feel the support you offer to them.

4. Celebrate Small Victories

Businesses are not just about profiting and climbing ladders. It’s also about learning to appreciate small but steady goals that win the race. You can make up rewards for your employees other than the usual “Employee of The Month.” Try giving away food vouchers for being the most punctual, or host a small party for five or ten years of service to your company.

You can also make up funny reverse-rewarding activities to make the office more fun. Post the photo of an employee onto a wild west-themed wanted poster for using up the most ink, wasting the most papers at the copier machine, having the loudest laugh, or wearing the funniest office attire during casual Fridays.

5. Get A Dog Or Have A Bring-Your-Pet-To-Work Day

Studies and research are proving that having a dog at work boosts the excellent mood of the employees. It also reduces stress and encourages conversation among employees. Pet owners become more enthusiastic about starting the day at work, and the discovery of finding more pet lovers can lead to trust, intimacy, and better teamwork in the office. Seeing animals in the office can increase the employees’ happiness level and may lead to better work relationships.

6. Form A Fun Team

While other offices form teams for specific projects, you can create one with the task of bringing fun moments into the office. They can be random people or typical workers you know to be optimistic and likable. They can use their creativity to be funny and entertaining. By doing so, you can lift the mood in the office. But, when you do, make it clear to them that it’ll be done on certain times so as not to interfere with their responsibilities.

In Conclusion

There are many ways to lighten up the mood at the workplace. Remember that you don’t even have to spend so much to heighten spirits in the office. Happiness, productivity, and the willingness to do responsibilities come from the core human connection. Fostering a healthy workplace relationship can help make the workplace like a second home instead of a dreaded place.

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