6 Storage Ideas to Keep Your Precious Gems Safe and Organized

Jewelry projects a statement once you wear it. It never goes out of style. It reveals your beauty and somehow speaks of your personality. An outfit gets more stunning when paired with jewelry that goes with it. Whether it’s for simple attire or a formal and casual look, it makes a big difference when you wear them.

Owning one keeps you getting more for your gem collection. However, it’s a bit hard to organize them when you don’t have a fixed place to keep them. How about you? Where do you keep yours? Taking care of our jewelry needs a good and safe spot to keep them. It is quite frustrating once you look for certain jewelry and you can’t find it, especially when you’re in a hurry. 

Sorting your gems from earrings, rings, down to necklaces is fun when you have good and appropriate storage to put them. Yes, you could use any storage of your choice but if it isn’t tailored to store jewelry, they may tangle up. In this article, we want to keep you updated with these trendy gem organizers you can try on. Keep reading to find out where to find these awesome jewelry storage ideas.

1. Jewelry box

This type of storage best suits those who have a big collection of jewelry. What makes a jewelry box different is the security it would give for your precious items. The drawers and compartments of a jewelry box offer a wide space to keep your gems in a good place. It will keep them from cluttering as well. They could come up with layers to give more room for your jewelry.

It could sometimes come with a mirror when you open it to see yourself wearing your elegant accessories. Some are made of sturdy wood or covered with leather or velvet type that adds style to the box. Usually, it has a lock and key feature so your possessions are safe. It is not just the jewelry that they can accommodate but also your classic wristwatches and even your brooches and clips. 

2. Wall-mounted jewelry holders

What better way to organize things is through maximizing space – use wall-mounted shelves and holders. They save space and add a pretty nice look to your walls. You can put ornaments on top of it if you want to make it look stunning. Thus, it becomes a two-in-one piece organizer too. The hooks are elegantly fixed to hold your jewelry in place and have enough space for DIY styling. They can be made from wood and rods depending on your choice of design.

3. Hanging organizers

If you want something that saves space and at the same time keeps your jewelry safe from slipping, this is the one for you. 

  • Non-woven with transparent compartments. It has a lot of pockets designated for each piece of gem. They can be stored separately to avoid tangling. Your earrings are safe here as there is no chance of slipping from where it is stored. The pockets are see-through so you can easily find a particular piece of jewelry that you’re looking for.
  • Three-tier or two-tier. This features a simple style that helps your jewelry organized. The long necklaces won’t get twisted because they are safely hung around these sleek bars. Every gem is visible for easy access and reach. It also becomes an instant adornment to your room once you place them on.

4. Travel jewelry pouch

If you are out on a trip, you would want to carry some of your favorite jewelry to complete your look. They won’t tangle up and become deformed when you use this travel pouch. The damage may happen once they are inside your luggage and you are moving. A jewelry travel pouch comes with paddings to secure your jewelry and keep its shape. It is a great must-have for people on-the-go and still wants to stay fashionable at all times. 

5. Jewelry cabinet

Have you seen a jewelry cabinet with a large mirror in front? If I am going to have it at home, for sure, it would be very functional! The big mirror serves as the front door of this cabinet. The insides have a lot of slots for rings, earrings, and hoops you can hang your necklaces on. It is easy to set up and would be a good addition to accentuate your place. 

6. Jewelry tray

Jewelry trays have a simple design that features different sizes of slots for each piece of gem. They are stackable and can be tucked inside your drawer. Setting them all inside the drawer creates a bigger jewelry compartment that keeps it organized elegantly and with class. 

Final Say

Keeping your jewelry needs appropriate storage to preserve its beauty and form. You may choose from various options around the market but you need to find what best suits your place. When you look at the wall and think of the best jewelry storage that will match with it, then we are here for you! If your drawer seems empty and thought of making a compartment for your embellishments, we’ll give that to you.

It is always wise to search for sites that offer quality and affordable products. At, you can find the most stylish and trendy designs of jewelry storage. You will have the option to choose the most functional down to the simplest one that you need. Let us help you achieve the look and design that you’d ever wish for. Purchase one now!

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