How to Increase Live Viewers by 800% and Get More People to Watch your Streams

Live streaming has become popular day by day since its inception. One of the most important and desired outputs of live streaming is to get in front of the target audience. Live streaming has become the hottest trend nowadays. It is the best way to connect to brands and customers. Live streaming helps in getting instant fame, more subscribers, and provides a medium to share product demos. It is an emerging tool for marketing your channel and products. YouTube is the famous video search platform that allows live streaming. Almost 1 billion people log in to YouTube daily. The subject matter on YouTube is endless. So, it is the best platform to market your product and monetize through it.

Live streaming on YouTube builds your brand and inspires viewers to act upon it and share it. You can unlock the incredible Youtube Channel marketing potential through YouTube live streaming. However, before you launch an effort to amplify your reach through YouTube live. You must ensure that your channel is elegant. Because if you do not have a decent amount of subscribers then it won’t help you much. The subscribers are a certain source of view. So, make sure you have at least a hundred thousand subscribers (know more). You have to think of your YouTube channel as a house. And think live streaming as a house party you are throwing to impress friends. As the home should be clean and ready to serve friends when the party begins. Similarly, your channel must be ready to welcome new viewers and compel them to subscribe.

Here are a few ways you can try to grow your live viewers incredibly. Follow these tips and notice a hike in your views as well as subscribers organically.

  • Create teaser video: You can upload a teaser video of the live event a week or a few days prior to the event. It should leverage existing subscribers and promote upcoming features. Make sure to include information about the date, time, and other details people will need to tune in. Share the teaser video and ask people to share on social media.
  • Optimize for SEO: Your YouTube live channel needs to be optimized for search engines. You should add keywords and phrases to set up your channel. This gives search engines the proper time to index your channel.
  • Share the streaming link early: People often think to wait for the time just before the event to share the streaming link. But it is wise to share the link 24 to 48 hours before. So, the people will catch the interest and set reminders.
  • Create custom announcement: Use your social media platforms to aware people of your live event. You can automate the task with a social scheduler so that it sets up a notice to go live.
  • Purchase YouTube subscribers: We all know subscribers are a fixed source of views. So, if you have a high number of subscribers then you can get more views. However, it is not sure that all your subscribers will watch your live stream. But if you buy YouTube subscribers which are real and active, then you can get an assured number of views by them. Purchasing YouTube subscribers from a reliable source e.g. not only increases your subscribers count on your channel. But also increases the view count on live streaming.
  • Embed the links: You can use YouTube’s embed tools. Embed the link to the blog and encourage other bloggers to share the embed link.
  • Create thumbnails: Upload an eye-catching thumbnail to grab the attention of people and generate clicks.
  • Multi-bitrate streaming: Multi-bitrate streaming means transcoding the video to Create thumbnail multiple renditions of different quality. So, people can watch the best possible quality at a given internet speed.
  • Record live streams: To maximize the live performance you can record the session. And you can repurpose the content. Also, viewers can catch a replay at any time.
  • Use a fast internet connection: You need a fast internet connection and top-notch equipment for live streaming. This maintains the video and audio quality.
  • Partner with others: Partnership with a popular company or individual is a great way to quickly build your viewership. The partners you choose to collaborate with should be of a similar or the same domain. So, you can benefit from cross audience interest.
  • Create live series: Use your live event to build a video and events to be continued. This will develop a bond with the audience.
  • Consistency: Be consistent with live streaming as well as video uploading on YouTube. This will make people aware of your brand and they will be in touch.
  • Offer an incentive: You can offer rewards to some of the viewers and fans. So, you can offer coupons and discounts.

In conclusion, to increase your views on live streaming you need to promote it and provide valuable content. Also, use SEO for optimization and keep your stream’s quality high.

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