Pick-Me Ups activities to Boost Your Body, Mind, and Spirit

Ups and downs are the part of our lives. There can hardly be days that are perfect and super happy. But when those happy days come, they become so memorable and so important. 

Days like that are so much needed. The way super exciting and happy days are important, the sad ones are important too. 

You cannot always have amazing days, but when you do, you can just lock them in your memories and use them to get super happy on your sad days. 

There are some low days, and it seems impossible to get over them. This article, right here, is here with some tips to make your bad days a little better.

Here are some, Activities to boost your Body, Mind and Spirit:

When feeling boring, eat a brownie!

Food is literally the best solution when your mood is off. Having your favourite food item when you are upset can make you instantly happy. All of us have our happy foods. Cakes & Brownies are usually the real game changer. So just have one or as many as you want to whenever you feel low.

Social media break:

It may sound contrary to the popular opinion that you get to meet new people on social networking sites. But sometimes, it is very much needed to have a social media detox. Take a break from all the updates of the world. Sometimes it can create a lot of hate, competition, comparison, and it can be taxing. This break can be good for your mental health.

Spend time with yourself:

Many times, when we are upset, we ourselves don’t know what the reason is. It is because we are so occupied with are lives and commitments, we forget to check in with ourselves. It is important to be in contact with yourself. 

Spending some time alone, doing something you like, is what you need to do. Many times, this productive activities can help you understand why you feel low and then once you know the reason you can try to solve the issue. Instead of just cluelessly feeling sad.

Play Games on internet:

Online gaming is under appreciated. We do not know how much therapeutic playing games can be. It helps get your mind off from the things that are bothering you. Or it gives you a platform where you can be yourself. 

Games like Rummy, Ludo and Tambola, gives you the chance to meet new people who love the game the way you do. You get to spend time with people, can get your creative juices flowing. There are many games which can in different ways make you happy. Action games can help you destress yourself; puzzles and other games make you sharper.

Go down the memory lane:

Think about the days which make you most happy. Often looking photographs of all the happy moments can help you too. A trip down to memory line is assured if you just open your phone’s gallery. It makes you feel grateful for all the time you got to spend with friends and family.

Call your friends:

Remember all the promises you made at the farewell to always be in touch with your friends. This is the time to call those friends and remind yourselves that once you had big plans for life and how simple everything was. Doing this can be reassuring that some things just never change.

A nap is all you need:

Think of as many problems as you can and then think of napping as the solution. It may seem foolish but there is no problem in the world which cannot solve. It helps you calm your nerves and then gives you a fresh perspective on things, gives you a fresh start on everything.

Give something back to society:

Sometimes helping people, serving to the people, volunteering at the orphanages or old age homes can be very fulfilling experience. The satisfaction you get is very rewarding.

Do some journaling:

Writing your every day’s experience is very freeing. Just let all your feelings and experiences out without the fear of getting judged. If not journaling, the least you can do is, at the end of the day write 3 things that made you happy. It can be as trivial as “I had amazing food today”, “My boss appreciated me”, etc.

World of YouTube:

Find funny things to watch on YouTube. Pranks and jokes can never stop you from laughing, 

So, just pick your favourite activity when you are feeling low and then treat yourself with the things you want, spoil yourself. 

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