Beautiful Places to Visit in Belize – The Mexican peninsula

One of the last unspoiled places on earth just south of the Mexican Yucatan peninsula, Belize happens to be a lovely Caribbean hideaway. There, tourists can sprawl on the white sand, snorkel the biggest coral reef in the Western Hemisphere, hike through the lush jungle, and discover ancient Mayan ruins everything in one vacation. 

In short, there is a lot for visiting Belize for travelers. This use to be an English-speaking country with a diverse population. Belize happens to be best recognized for its tropical beauty and outdoor escapades. Known as one of the best places to visit in 2021. If you are looking to visit Belize this upcoming vacation. Not to worry about it! Just book delta airlines reservations online and save up to 40% off on every booking. Pack your bags, create your own checklist from the below best places ideas and get ready to explore these places on your own.

Highlighting the Beautiful Places to Visit in Belize You Should See

1. Belize Zoo

Located in the natural forest, 50 km from Belize City, this Zoo happens to be one of the best in America. Several Belize Zoo animals use to be wild animals that used to be kept as pets by distinct collectors. The zoo tries to mend these animals to return to nature.

2. Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary

This place is also known as Jaguar Reserve and is one of the largest and most protected destinations to visit in Belize. However, it is an ideal environment to see plants, observe birds or enjoy other wild animals.

3. Ambergris Caye

The largest of the hundreds of islands in Belize, Ambergris Caye is a tropical dream location. Here flip flops and shorts are the dress code, golf carts use to be the way of transportation, and sprawling on the beaches happens to be the main activity.

4. Snail

Built high on the Meseta de la Vaca, 500 meters directly above sea level, Caracolhappens to be the largest Mayan site in Belize. It was once one of the largest Mayan cities, with an estimated population of around 150,000. This is more than double that of Belize City today.

5. Great blue hole

This use to be the most widespread dive destination in Belize. The blue hole uses to offer numerous stimulating views of the limestone developments that shape its walls. This huge underwater sinkhole is near the Lighthouse Reef. And create a perfect circle of deep blue water.

6. ActunTunichilMuknal

This was a sacred site for the Mayans and contains many examples of pottery and stoneware. As well as several assemblages of human sacrificial remains, one of which (known as the “Crystal Maiden”) has been covered almost entirely in limestone crystals by natural cave processes. It is a very interesting place to visit in Belize.

Belize offers a unique combination of natural wonders ready to be explored, so there is a dearth of things to do on your visit:

Visit Mayan ruins

One of the most popular attractions in Belize is its Mayan ruins. But, be sure to take the time to get to know them as one of the largest groups of underground temples and ritual halls, along with magnificent art deposits of gold, jade, obsidian, ceramics, intricate stone carvings, and paintings.

Enjoy the sun and sand in Placencia

The Placencia peninsula has the longest stretch of sand on the Belizean continent, known as the “ideal barefoot walking”. 27 km of golden beaches are perfect for sunbathing, walking, or swimming. This area is spread over three towns: Placencia Village, Seine Bight, and Maya Beach.

Snorkeling in the barrier reef in Mesoamerica

Almost everyone has heard of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, the largest coral reef in the world, but do you know where the second largest reef in the world is? The Mesoamerican Reef also use to be an impressive coral reef found off the coasts of Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, and Belize. However, the 700-mile-long coral reef stretches along the entire coast of Belize, surrounded by aquamarine waters that surround the reefs.


Belize has one of the lowest population densities in the world, which means that it has many remote and uninhabited regions ideal for hiking. Also, known as one of the best destinations for solo travelers. Moreover, Don Eligio National Park is a popular hiking destination with an almost infinite number of self-guided and self-guided trails offering something for all tastes and tastes. Jaguar Sanctuary offers the longest jungle hiking trails in all of Belize, as well as the chance to see the largest cat in the country.

Kayak or canoe

There are also a number of popular waterways for canoeing and kayaking. It also includes the Mopan River, which flows through Belize to the sea. Before roads were built here, rivers were the main means of transportation and commerce. So, rowing was a great way to put yourself in the shoes of the first Belizeans. However, it was the best way to discover what life was like to this day.

In the Nutshell

Don’t forget to make Belize a part of your Central American adventure. Paradise of majestic beauty, tropical island splendor, and mystical cultures, this tiny country offers big and delivers the ultimate level of satisfaction on the happiness scale. Just plan your trips and book cheap flight tickets to Belize by comparing prices of 1000+ airlines that fly to Belize only on AirlinesVacations. Book now and get ready to have a blast on your upcoming vacations!

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