In the initial days of the theatres or cinemas, Gangsters were the only characters who always got priority over the other characters. Almost all the production houses were always making a film about gangsters. Gangster movies are those movies that relate to the categories based upon the plans that commit the crime. As gangster movies are considered to be the best movies of all time, Here, we are going to discuss some of the best gangster movies like shot caller.

1.The Godfather part 2 (1974):

This movie has influenced us so much. The movie personifies that complete power always goes bad completely. In this movie, Vito Corleone was the criminal who runs the Emperor and he was also engaged in the murder as well as many other criminal cases.

2. Goodfellas (1990):

The Goodfellas is one of the best gangster movies of all time. At the beginning of this movie, the narrator himself narrates that he always wanted to be a gangster. In this movie, Ray Liotta plays Henry Hill who is a criminal.

3. The Godfather (1972):

The Godfather movie is one of the famous movies in the world of gangsters. It tells the story of the Corleone family who engaged in the crime and the main characters are the leaders of one of the famous organizations which relate to the Mafia.

4. Once upon a time in America ( 1984):

This movie is considered one of the best top five movies in the world of mobsters. In this movie, Max is one of those characters who are involved in the crime.

6. The Public Enemy (1931):

The public enemy movie is one of the movies in the history of theatres that are famous in the world of crime. This movie is about two young Chicago gangsters who are cold-blooded killers.

6. Eastern Promises (2007):

This movie is full of cruelty and bloody violence. This movie is revolving around one of the most dangerous families who lived in London. Nikolai is the character in the movie who is an unkind and curious person.

7. City of God (2002)

This movie is part of the crime Hollywood gangster movies. The movie is about the criminal of a child and poverty. Rick is only the character in the movie who is honest and wants to become a photographer. He is the one who wants to prevent himself from the crime during the gang wars.

8. Gomorrah (2008):

This movie is about a real mafia group. The movie is so inspirational in the way that you are forced by itself to be part of a mobile or a crime. It inspires the people to join the life of the gangster.

9. The French Connection (1971):

The French connection is about the investigator or a spy in New York that finds out a trade related to the drug which links to France. This story is always unique in the category of the gangster.

10. Touch of Evil (1958):

Touch of the evil movie is one of the famous gangster movies. The movie is about the falsification or alteration between the trade of drugs on the borderline of the two countries named Mexico and the United States. The movie is all about corruption.

These were some of the movies like shot caller that you can watch on the internet!!

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