Can Dogs Eat Oranges – Serving Suggestions

Dogs are known to be carnivores, although, in principle, they can eat all kinds of food. There is a scientific explanation for why these animals prefer salty foods. The reason for this is the much smaller number of taste buds than the average human has. Canines can certainly taste all kinds of flavors, but differently than you do.

For example, when you eat an orange, an absolute explosion of refreshing, zesty aromas takes place in your mouth. You feel exactly how your body is filled with all these nutrients that this citrus is rich in. What about dogs? They don’t feel all those taste sensations, but that shouldn’t stop them from enjoying this great fruit.

Oranges are one of the fruits that are entirely safe for your pup, but only if consumed in moderation. Larger amounts will not harm your dog because they are not poisonous, but your pet’s digestive tract can’t handle as much acid and fiber. That is, its intake has to be limited. Only that way will your pup get all those perks of raw fruit, and pethempcompany oranges treats.

Do Dogs Need Fruits?

Every living creature has specific nutritional needs, including a dog. Since these animals are most physically active and playful, they need a lot of energy to draw from quality food. That is why the diet of canines is mainly based on meat and healthy fats.

Canned food producers also know these facts. They make their products so that they contain the appropriate balance of micro and macronutrients. But processed foods have certain disadvantages, as they mostly lack vitamins and minerals. That is the main reason why fruits should be included in your dog’s daily menu. With no vitamins and minerals, their body won’t function properly.

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How Oranges Boost Your Pup’s Health

Oranges fit into the ideal fruit you can give your dog as a treat. They are low in calories, fat-free, contain healthy sugars quickly converted into energy, and rich in antioxidants and minerals. Besides, oranges are a great source of fiber, which makes them a real blessing for the digestive tract of your four-legged friend.

Vitamin C boosts your pet’s immunity while acting as an anti-inflammatory and detoxifying agent. Proper intake of this vitamin will enable optimal reserves of iron in the blood. Potassium, which oranges are also rich in, supports the proper functioning of muscles, nerves, and certain enzymes. Sliced ​​fresh oranges will also polish your pup’s teeth, which will improve their dental health.

A meat diet has its good things, as it’s loaded with proteins. But it can make your pet suffer from constipation and gas. A few orange slices a day will prevent this unpleasant condition from occurring. On this link, see how to help your pet with stomach issues.

Intake of these citrus fruits will be especially beneficial for active dogs, especially working or hunting breeds. When their bodies are exposed to stress, the liver can temporarily stop absorbing vitamin C. These dogs need an extra dose of this nutrient from natural sources like oranges or cranberries.

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Serving Ideas

Like any fruit, oranges are best given to a dog. It must be peeled, cleaned of white parts, and the seeds have to be removed, too. The peel contains a large amount of citric acid, so it can disturb your pup’s tummy. Also, it can retain all the chemicals that are used to treat oranges.e

One of the suggestions for serving is a salad. You can mix several vegetables, such as cucumber, carrot, and celery, and add a few slices of orange or freshly squeezed juice to the salad. For a complete meal, you can add a few pieces of cooked or roasted beef or chicken.

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Frozen treats are another idea of ​​how to give your dog an orange. For them, you actually need juice, which you will mix with yogurt or fruit puree, depending on what your pet likes. You will simply pour the mass into silicone molds, leave it to freeze, and in a few hours, you will get the ideal summer snack for your dog.

If you have time and good cooking skills, homemade orange biscuits or biscuits will be a complete score. They are easy to make, and you can combine different types of supplements. Also, these treats can stay in a well-sealed jar for a long time. The best thing about these snacks is that you actually know the composition. You know that you have given your dog quality food full of essential nutrients.

When to Be Cautious

If your dog has chronic digestive issues, oranges are not a good idea. In such situations, even a tiny amount of acid can disturb your pet’s sensitive digestive tract. Although these fruits are not loaded with sugars, they should be avoided even if your furry buddy has diabetes.

Also, you should take care of the fruit intake if your dog has weight issues. Don’t switch their meals with oranges, because you will give them too much sugar and thus burden their stomachs even more. Although these fruits are low in calories and fat-free, the sugar amount doesn’t make them an ideal snack for chubby dogs.

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Everyone who wants the best for their pets is aware of the importance of proper nutrition. Moderate citrus intake can bring many benefits to your pup. Besides, this fruit is an ideal refreshment and hydrating agent for dogs that don’t drink enough water. Now what do blue jays eat is the best question to know.

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