Common Types of Work-Related Injuries

There are different risk factors for illness and injuries when working. While we all want safety in the workplace, injuries can occur even when we least expect them. Depending on the type of injury suffered, it can cost both the employer and the employee valuable time and money. Some things are unavoidable, so if you experience a work-related injury in Colonia, it will help to work with a specialist who can offer you the treatment you deserve. You never know what might happen as you go about your daily duties. Notably, these types of injuries can range from violently catastrophic to some seemingly unnoticeable ones. Here are the common workplace injuries that require medical attention:

Trips, slips, and falls

Trips, slips, and falls represent the most work-related injuries. They could affect your head, back, and neck, leading to broken bones, cuts, sprains, and pulled muscles. In most cases, falls are caused by occasional spills, wet or oily surfaces, weather hazards, poor lighting, loose rugs, uncovered cables, etc. Luckily, these accidents can be prevented with good housekeeping, quality walking surfaces, and ensuring proper footwear. According to Pinnacle Sports Podiatry Sydney, a lot of larger engineering companies now have a podiatrist on staff to help employees with correct work boot selection. The decision to keep a foot doctor on staff reflects the importance of having someone on staff who can properly address foot and lower limb issues for staff.


Overexertion is among the leading causes of work-related injuries and mainly occurs when you carry, lift, push, or pull heavy objects. In most cases, overexertion leads to musculoskeletal disorders like sprains and strains, especially around the back area. It is one of those injuries that require immediate medical attention by a specialist to ensure no further damage occurs.

Assault at work

It is not uncommon to hear that an employee assaulted another while at work. Sometimes it can be pretty severe, depending on the extent of the assault. Thankfully, if an employee or co-worker attacks you, you may very well seek compensation for the injuries suffered and work time lost.

Cuts and lacerations

Different office or work equipment can leave you nursing a painful cut. Whether it is a power saw or paper trimmer, it is possible to hurt yourself unintentionally at work. The most common causes of these injuries include lack of training, insufficient safety procedures, and not wearing proper protection. Cuts and lacerations are easily preventable with adequate safety equipment and adhering to the appropriate procedure. However, visit a specialist to attend to the situation immediately if you get one of these injuries.

Repetitive motion

The same motion over time may lead to some painful ailments to any part of the body, including the eyes. The best example of repetitive motion injury is cumulative trauma. A specialist should help you ease your pain as well as advise you on the best safety precautions.

There are so many ways people can get injured while at work, but most of the injuries are preventable and avoidable. However, when it is already too late, and you find yourself nursing one of these injuries, do not hesitate to seek medical treatment from a work-related injury specialist.

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