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The eye makeup is the most difficult part of the entire makeup process, and a single raised corner of the eye can make a person more impressive. The eye makeup for cosplay is more exaggerated than everyday makeup, but not as flashy as the makeup you wear on stage. The cosplay eye makeup is a heavy, but not flashy type. It is also very important to know how to use eye makeup tools correctly, and this article will mainly teach you how to do it, but practice makes perfect. It’s a good idea to pick up the tools around you and try them out.

Tools: eyeliner, mascara, powder, brush, cotton swab, eyelash curler, eyelash oil ……

Sweep on the eyeshadow first, then liner, then mascara. Because eye shadow usually requires a lot of smudging, if you trace the eyeliner first, the eyeliner will be smudged. Mascara is also easy to smudge, and difficult to clean, so it should be applied last, so don’t get the steps wrong! 

There may be many people who don’t understand the difference between makeup brushes, eyeliner, and eyeliner pencils, so let me explain. Makeup brushes and eyeliners have more subtle lines, and the effect is more pronounced. Eyeliner brushes have a thicker line, but most people find them easier to use for beginners. Some eyeliners are specially designed to have a hardness between the pen and the brush. If the nib is too hard, it will irritate the skin of the eyes, and we try to find a way to soften the nib. Usually, I put the nib close to a light bulb, and after a few seconds, the nib will soften (fire/alcohol lamp/lighter is fine, but it’s easy to paste). After each sharpening of the eyeliner, we wipe off the wood shavings with a paper towel, and the tip of the pencil will not be too sharp if we run it through the paper towel several times. 

If you want to apply a glamorous eyeshadow, then read on! Use a makeup brush to apply the lighter shade of eyeshadow, dab the powder in the middle of the eyelid, and then apply it in a radial motion around the eye socket. Next, use a cotton swab to apply the darker shade to the top of the eye and then back along the top of the eyelid, blurring the line between the lighter and darker shades, blending the two colors together. Ideally, when you open your eyes, you should be able to smudge a distance of 23mm from where the light and dark shadows blend together. So, I recommend that you don’t forget to open your eyes to make sure when you’re applying the eyeshadow. However, it is difficult to determine the width of the shadow for monolid and inner eyelids, so it is important to open your eyes while applying the shadow. Because the halo of the shadow narrows the distance between the eyes and the eyebrows, the eyes look deeper and more attractive.

After the eyeshadow is applied, you can pat it gently with your fingertips to make it adhere more firmly. The important thing is not to make it obvious that there is a clear line between the two “shades”, so that the color of the eyeshadow and the skin tone blend well and naturally together, without leaving traces of the connection between the two colors. If you can achieve this step, it means you have mastered the art of wearing good eye shadow.

How can I make my eyes look bigger? Don’t worry, there are tricks to this too. Leave a little white at the end of your eyes. When drawing eyeliner, make the ends of your eyes slightly upward, use mascara to make your eyelashes look longer, and paint the ends of your eyes white. The center of the eyeliner should be thicker. Use a darker shade of eye shadow on the outer corner of the eye a little bit above the eye, and apply it lightly as a haze. Alternatively, use the “double line” method. Use a black or gray eyebrow pencil to draw two natural lines on the upper eyelid, creating a double line. For eyeshadow, use a brown eyeshadow pencil to lightly haze the upper eyelid.

Eyelash curlers, if used properly, can make your lashes look twice as long as they are. Use a good quality eyelash curler (or at least not poor quality, for the sake of your poor lashes), and replace it immediately if you notice that the rubber is starting to crack. Don’t use an eyelash curler after applying mascara, as the mascara may get on the curler and pull your lashes out when you release the curler. Do not pull hard when using the curler, as you will pull the lashes out with it. Use double pressure: place the open curler close to the base of the upper lash and arrange the lashes between the orbits. 5 seconds later, release the curler and move it slightly to the middle of the lash and repeat the process. A lot of people use the eyelash curler with a lot of force, it is easy to hurt the eyelashes, although they are not very noticeable, but after all, they are part of your body, so please be gentle, this will help you to achieve the desired effect.

There are many more tips and tricks for cosplay eye makeup, and there are many video tutorials on the web on this subject, and the video approach is always more intuitive than the written word. This is the end of the article. I’m glad you’ve stuck around to read it. Finally, I’d like to recommend Cosplaylab – a cosplayer’s shopping paradise to buy cosplay costume, with its wide range of characters, inexpensive costumes, prompt logistics, and attentive service that will meet your needs to the fullest extent possible.

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