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How to deal with a child who loves to pick out clothes to wear at home

I recently received a letter from a parent on a rather interesting topic. She wrote in her letter that her three-year-old daughter spends a lot of time every morning picking out clothes, and the girl is not willing to change the clothes she likes even if they are dirty, and will not wear the clothes she does not like no matter how much she is coaxed. In addition to being picky about the color and style of the clothes, the child also has high requirements for the comfort of the clothes, and she does not want to wear clothes with labels and thick patterns. Parents struggle with this every morning as they argue with their children over what to wear. If you are a wholesale childrens clothing distributor and you have a need for wholesale kids clothes, welcome to shop at prettykid. 

I believe there are a lot of parents have such a problem, the face of the child picking clothes is distressed but do not know how to correct, but if not correct the baby and afraid that she will develop this bad habit. In fact, this is a normal phenomenon, baby picky clothes to prove that they have their own subjective views and aesthetics. As long as parents can make the right guidance, not only can change the baby’s habit, but also conducive to their growth.

Experts say: because three-year-old babies have begun to have their own ideas. Especially for female babies, they will have their own preferences for clothes, which is very normal, parents do not need to be distressed by this. As long as it is not a matter of principle, it is good to listen to the baby, which is also conducive to cultivating her sense of autonomy.

Parents correctly guide, so that the baby to establish the correct aesthetic

  Three-year-old babies are fussy about what they wear in accordance with their age and physiological characteristics, and it is normal for them to choose their own clothes appropriately. However, if the baby is very picky about clothes, parents should pay attention to it.

  First of all, parents should realize that babies should be dressed in a comfortable and neat way. In addition, we also need to prepare different clothes according to different occasions. For example, you can wear loose sportswear to play in the park, and wear home clothes at home. If you take your baby to visit other people’s homes, you need to let them dress appropriately, so that they look more lively and lovely.

  Secondly, parents should guide their babies properly in this habit so that they become more autonomous and thus develop other aspects. When buying clothes for babies, you can let them pick their own, but tell them that they picked it, buy back to wear, more than three years old babies can understand. In this way, slowly cultivate the baby’s sense of responsibility, so that they understand that the choice they make, to bear the consequences themselves. If babies choose their own clothes to buy back, they say they are not comfortable to wear, then parents should not blame them. Instead, tell her what she should pay attention to the next time she buys clothes and how to pick clothes that are more suitable for her.

  Finally, parents should tell their babies to be frugal, not wasteful, not too picky about the clothes they wear, and usually instill more frugality in their babies to be good babies. In addition, parents should not say in front of the baby which clothes look good or bad, so that the baby will be affected by subtle influence. Clothes should be clean and tidy as the beauty, to establish a good sense of aesthetics to the baby from a young age.

So, if your baby is fussy about what they wear, parents need to understand and instill the right reasoning in them at the same time. Parents are the baby’s first teacher, the baby’s habits, character and ideas of good and bad depend on the guidance of parents.

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