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Dealing with real money and playing online casino are interlinked with each other and when you think to transfer the money you won in online casino then it is a matter of fingertip. If you are new to this area then you may wonder about how is it possible to transfer money so easily. So now it is the time for you to get familiar with the term online casino skrill payment method.

This is basically a company which deals with the payment gateways of online casino platforms and was founded in the year of 2001 in UK. The company was formed with the name of ‘Moneybookers’ and later on in the year of 2011, its name got changed. But in spite of all these changes, one thing remained same and that is the high quality of service.

Let’s discuss about how to play online casino with skrill.

Frankly speaking, many features of this service were quite compatible with online gambling. So, when it came to the market and similarities were identified, it started tying up with excellent projects in the area of online casino. Slowly it became the most authentic and easy to use money transfer service in this area. Now it is very difficult to find an online casino platform which doesn’t use skrill payment method.

Few things you should keep in your mind before using this system. First check the terms and conditions of your casino. Few casinos are there who charges a little fee during the transaction or few may not offer you a promotional bonus. So, let’s now discuss about the skrill payment guide for online casino step by step.

  • Skrill Working Principles:

You can consider it as a e-wallet as most of the features are quite similar to the e-wallets. You can add all the bank cards here. When you will be doing any payment, select your preferred card and make the transaction.

  • Skrill set up:

Are you worried about how to set up a skrill account and how can you do the transaction? Below are stepwise points

  1. Open the skrill official website
  2. In the official website, you will find a register button. Click on that
  3. Fill all the details which are required there for registration
  4. Select the currency you want to use
  5. Enter the contact details (email, password).

Keep the password secret and do not share it with anyone. The email id will be required when you intend to transfer fund to someone or someone will be sending fund to you.

Once the entire registration process is done, now it is the time to add your cards or link your cards with skrill wallet. The charges related to your transfer will depend on the method you are using and the country you are belonging from.

This method is highly popular to gamblers for its simplicity. You just need to spend few minutes for the transfer and the transfers are also instant.

  • How to transfer money:

  1. Open your gambling platform and set up your skrill account (Mentioned above)
  2. Once it is done, then open the deposit page of the casino and select the method
  3. Put the amount you want to transfer
  4. Share your skrill account details and confirm the transaction by giving your secure code

After just few seconds the transfer will be initiated and you will find the amount in your desired account.

There are several advantages of using skrill method. So let’s discuss about the advantages.

  • Skrill advantages

  1. It is available for more than 200 countries and in more than 40 currencies
  2. You can place your all the card details in single repository and can switch easily between them
  3. High end security is provided here
  4. This service is available in most of the casino platforms
  5. Transfers can be processed in a fingertip.
  6. You can avail customer support in 24/7 mode
  7. This service is available in both website and mobile application

But few things you should keep in your mind. There may be some casino platforms which charge a small amount of money during transactions or some casinos may impose some daily transfer limit or some websites/ casino platforms may not give you a deposit bonus. So, it is always suggested to go through all the terms and conditions in detail and then proceed with the casino platform which will suit you the most.

Transfer or deposit limits:

It has already been discussed above that there may be some restrictions in deposit or transfer of money using skrill method but these limitations entirely depends on the casino platforms and their policies. But most of the skrill casinos have minimum deposits of $1.

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Now to conclude, online casino skrill is very popular, safe, highly secured and user friendly mode of online payment to all the online gamblers. But it is always advisable to beware of scams like do not open any unauthorized email, do not share your confidential credentials to anyone or always access this service through their official portal etc.

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