Glamping vs Camping: what’s the difference?

Camping – a traditional family favorite for a weekend outing. What’s better than experiencing nature in its most tangible form? However, technology today has made it impossible to live without it. 

It’s pretty debatable, but traditional camping is now almost endangered. Camping sites are embezzled with modern features to make the overall experience more “comfortable”. But, unbeknownst to people, this comfort robs the purity of the experience. The rise of the internet has coined a new term for this sort of adventure – Glamping. 

Camping is completely cutting yourself off from the artificial wonders of the world. It is experiencing nature in its crudest form. The line between glamping and camping is thin, but if your campsite offers some exclusive features, you are Glamping.

WIFI facilities

Finding cell service in a campsite is equivalent to finding an oasis in the desert. However, glampsites offer wifi and cell service, so you’re able to flaunt your adventure on Instagram. This feature adds to making your trip a glamping one.

Proper sleeping arrangements:

If you can have a peaceful night’s sleep without mosquitos and ominous animal sounds, chances are you are glamping. A glamping site provides luxury tents, pods or treehouses with proper bedding. In addition, air mattresses are taking the glamping world by storm. They’re easy to inflate, deflate and store while on the go. 


Campsites are associated with the wilderness, and the wildlife is home to wild animals. However, tents do not protect the furry residents of the wild. In contrast, glamping living facilities are more stable to keep the nosy neighbors away. 


No, camping does not mean you Bear Grylls your way through a meal. You can have a good meal while camping, but any good campsite is home to a campfire. While glampers have the luxury of a stove, microwave and oven, campers have to resort to starting a fire first caveman style.

So, which one is for me?

Both camping and glamping have their pros and cons. While glamping provides a comfortable, homey environment, it taints the authenticity of the camping experience. 

As a result, you do not experience the wilderness to its fullest. In the end it all comes down to what you want. If you have a boring routine life with no adventure, a crude camping trip would be the best option for you to bring a change. 

Traditional camping comes with a lot of unexpected challenges and every experience will be different to the last. 

However, if you’re looking for a more cozy experience to relax off from your busy lifestyle, glamping is the way to go for you. You are surrounded by nature in a place that feels just like home. All your comfort necessities are provided and you can take time off from the hustle of life. 

Glamping also proves to be a better option for families with younger kids who will find the woods boring. Glampsites have facilities to keep these young minds entertained while the adults enjoy the peaceful outdoors. 

In conclusion, glamping and camping are two ends of a spectrum. The point you lay at is how much of nature you’re willing to experience at the expense of comfort. 

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