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Habitual Gardening: Discover Plants That Are Ideal to Grow for Gardeners

If you have been gardening for so long, it can be addictive in a good way. Luckily, it’s not expensive. Gardening is fun, and as you go on with your journey in gardening, you will find what will work best for you. As a person who loves gardening, you get to realize that success in gardening is not measured by how exotic your plants are but by how the garden brings you joy and delight.

Additionally, for some people who also carry a lot of stress, they find gardening a great escape. With their beautiful petals and pleasant fragrance, many people will surely fall in love with growing plants. To help you discover some more plants that you can grow, continue reading below.

Mountain Laurel

Mountain laurel is a beautiful flowering plant that can attract different pollinators like butterflies, bees, and even hummingbirds. The leaves of mountain laurel are wide, and the flowers are hexagonal, but there are also times that they appear to be pentagonal. The shades of a mountain laurel range from light pink to color white in cluster form.

This plant usually blooms in May and June. Although it is truly beautiful, this kind of plant must be grown away from cats or dogs since it can be quite toxic, and when ingested, it could cause some abnormal functioning of the muscles.

Planting this plant is easy as long as you provide cool, moist, and acidic soil. The same with other plants, good drainage is also a must to prevent it from rotting. Lastly, it will grow in an area with deep shade to full sun, but if you want the best to grow, place it in a place where it could receive a moderate to partial shade.


Begonias are another beautiful flowering plant that could produce large, showy flowers, usually in shades of orange, white, yellow, and even pink. Most begonias would require a single special kind of care only when grown in a warmer area. If you are new to gardening, you will enjoy growing them to produce masses of flowers that would be pleasant to look at.

The flowers of a begonia have a delicate fragrance, making them perfect too to be grown in pots and some hanging baskets on the patio where their fragrance will gently fill in the air. Additionally, begonias would grow well either in the sun or in the shade.

In looking after begonias, keep in mind that you must keep the plants in a shaded place during summer, and when watered, they must have good drainage and a humid atmosphere. Also, avoid wetting the leaves or the crown of the plant. Lastly, if winter arrives, reduce your watering to allow the soil’s surface to dry out before you water again.

Cherry Tomatoes

Most people might be familiar with cherry tomatoes as used as an ingredient in cooking. This kind of plant grows quickly and is perfect for those impatient gardeners. Compared to full-sized tomatoes, cherry tomatoes are disease-resistant. Not to mention, they will also do well wherever you plant them, whether in your garden or flowerpots.

If ever you successfully grow lots of cherry tomatoes, you could do a lot with them! You can freeze them to preserve them, roast them to bring out their sweetness, add them to any meal, create a simple tomato sauce, or even make healthy juices.

Growing cherry tomatoes could be easy but do not forget to provide an ordinary tomato cage to support them as they grow taller vines as time passes by. You can also get creative and do a do-it-yourself tomato cage.


Geranium plants have lobed or sometimes pointed leaves that are mid-green in color. The blooms of this plant range from shades of pink, mauve, purple, white, or red, and usually, they grow in either clusters or double flowers.

Geranium flowers are very charming and are also sweet-smelling. This is also why gardeners of all experience levels find growing geraniums fun and worth the effort. These perennial plants would grow well outdoors, whether they are in a pot or a container during the warmer season. On the contrary, during the winter season, geraniums should be brought indoors.


Hydrangeas are flowering shrubs that are eye-catching. Also, this plant can do well in almost any type of soil used to plant them, and the flowers’ colors would bloom differently depending on the soil’s pH. For example, when planted on acidic soil, hydrangeas could produce blue or lavender-colored blooms. On the other hand, alkaline soil could produce red or pink flowers. In contrast, some could blossom into colors white or cream.

If you have hydrangeas in your garden, consider watering that at a rate of one inch per week throughout its growing season to help maintain it. You can also add mulch underneath to keep the soil cool and most. Lastly, apply fertilizers to help enhance its growth.


Gardening is a great habit to start on for anyone patient enough to wait for their plants to bloom or someone who wants to try something new. When the blooming season comes, the joy and enlightenment of getting to see your hard work grow into something beautiful are priceless. Check out some information stated above about plants that you could grow in your garden.

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