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Helium Balloons Decoration Ideas

Very few events and celebrations take place without balloons. These floating colorful decorative elements make any room look the way you like it from cheerful and fun to elegant and stylish.

However, not everyone has an opportunity to invite the professional decorators who would create the balloon installations for the feast. But do not worry! This is not so complicated as you might think, and we can learn everyone how to create nice decorations using helium balloons.

How to Decorate a Room With Helium Balloons

Whenever we need to decorate a room for a party bash, helium-filled balloons are among the must-have holiday items. We tend to choose this kind of balloons mostly because of their durability compared to other floating playthings: helium-filled toys last somewhat longer which makes them more usable and money-saving.

The task is generally quite simple: we take a packet of balloons, blow them up either using our mouth (for that, one needs to have strong lungs) or by applying an air pump or a special helium tank. The next step is to attach the floating things together to create decorations.

Sound easy but people often don’t know how exactly they can arrange the floating bright playthings. Most would just tie them up to the handlers or other items in the room creating colorful bunches.

Are you already bored from doing the same for every party? Want to be creative and decorate the next event in a new way? Then memorize how helium playthings can be placed to decorate your house!

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1. Balloon arch

Probably, one of the most popular decorations made of these floating toys. To make it yourself, one will need a special arch kit to be able to build a base. If you have no time for shopping, take a long piece of wire and bend it to create an arch-shaped construction.

After the base is installed where you want it to be, it is time to proceed to blow up balloons!

Tie two blown playthings together at their tails, and attach this pair with another one so that the four of them create a cluster.

Tie this cluster to the arch carefully, and proceed to complete the next one. Like that, cluster after cluster, the whole arch will be covered with colorful balloons.

Such a decorative element can be placed around the doorways or for accenting a certain spot in the room.

2. Festive colored garland

Another simpler option is to attach numerous colorful floating playthings to the string to create a garland. In terms of color, try to have it balanced so that all the shades matched each other well (for instance, mix pink, purple, silver, and white ones or combine the navy-blue and golden playthings).

To make the decoration, take a piece of string of the desired length, thread one of its tips through the yarn needle, and pierce it through the tail of the blown-up plaything.

Scoot the toy down and repeat the procedure with the rest of them.

Such a decoration can be taped to the wall or even a table! The good thing about it is that we can remove it wherever we feel like easily.


3. Bubble bunches

This kind of decoration can be seen quite seldom, however, it is a great way to make your party look more fun!
Blow up floating playthings and tie them at the end. Now take a zip tie and pierce it through the tail of one of the balloons. Keep on doing that until all the toys are attached to the tie.

Once you are done, connect the ends of the tie and pull it tight. Now, these bunches can be hung to the ceiling or the walls. You can use either one-color balloons for each cluster of combine related shades, you decide.

4. Make a colored bubbled wall

For this idea, you will need quite many of these colored floating things of different sizes. The task is simple: blow them up so that you have items of any possible size, then stick them to the wall using double-sided tape. The trick is to arrange them randomly mixing all the sizes to cover the whole wall.

This decor idea works perfectly for covering a large surface, besides, it is acceptable to use either different shades of the same color to make it look monochrome or blend all-color playthings.

5. Paint them!

You don’t have to be a Picasso to get creative! If you have no time to install arches, why not simply blow up a bunch of balloons and paint them yourself or with the kids? Note that acrylic paints will be the best for this purpose.

6. Make them glow

Glowing sticks can be great stuff as a decoration idea! When placed inside of the balloons, these things can make those floating playthings look really magical!

Simply bend the stick to make it glow and place it inside of the balloon prior to blowing it up. Such glowing balloons will become a super decoration for a night party and can even serve as a night light for a while! 

7. Glitter is always fine

The simplest way of making unique balloon decorations is to buy a bunch of transparent colorless floating playthings and a good amount of glitter of all possible colors, shapes, and sizes. The task is to fill each plaything with glitter, either of one color or mixing several colors in one. Like that, you will get a very delicate yet playful decoration for any occasion!


8. Birthday decorations

For a birthday party, attach a blown plaything to a gift bag handler with a string and tie a nice ribbon to it to add some festive touch. Remember to place something heavy inside of the bag, otherwise, the guests will have to catch those floating goodies!

Of course, this is not a complete list of what can be done to decorate a party with balloons. However, each of these ideas can make the celebration look unique and unusual adding that special festive mood.

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