How to Better your Brain’s Fitness: Ido Fishman

Keeping your brain fit and healthy is extremely important. You should never stop your quest to develop your brain constantly in order to increase its performance and efficiency. In order to live well, you should have a healthy body as well as a healthy brain. So the important question here is that what can you do to enhance fitness of your brain and make sure that it does not stay dormant for too long. Read on for the some of the best tips to improve your brain’s fitness according to Ido Fishman

Play a Variety of Games

According to Ido Fishman, there is no denying that brain fitness games n programs are a great means to challenge and tease your brain. Popular games such as crosswords, Sudoku and electronic games can all considerably boost your brain’s memory and speed. These games are reliant on word skills, logic, math and much more. People also find these games to be immensely fun and engaging.

Keep in mind though that you will benefit more by playing such games each day for a little bit. Spending around 15 minutes is adequate. Make sure to not pay for hours as that can backfire!

Eat Well and Meditate Daily

It is true and Ido Fishman 100 percent agrees as well that your brain requires you to eat nutritious and healthy fats. Consuming such fats can go a long way to increase fitness of your brain. Be sure to put your focus on products such as fish oils, nuts like walnuts, olive oil and seeds like flax seed. All doctors highly recommend as well that you should eat more quantity of such foods and your consumption of saturated fats should be as less as possible. It is also vital that you remove transfats totally from your diet.

Meditation on a daily basis is just as important as eating healthy and plays apivotal role to boost the strength of your brain. In fact, daily meditation is most likely the best thing that you can do for the health of your body or mind. Meditation not only does well to relax you completely, but it also provides your brain a thorough workout. When you create a different mental state, you are able to engage your brain in interesting and new ways while you increase your brain’s fitness.

Making Basic Changes in your Life

All of us simply love our day-to-day routines are very familiar with them. We have pastimes and hobbies that we can literally engage in for several hours. That said, when you stick to a certain routine, you are not really providing your brain much work to do.

What Ido Fishman says is that if you really wish your brain to stay fit and young, be sure to challenge it time and again. If you are wondering how, you can start by doing simple things such as changing routes to the supermarket, eating the dessert first and then working your way towards the appetizer or using your opposite hand to open up doors. When you do tasks or things differently and break from regular routine, your brain will stir up from old habits and be forced to pay attention again.

Read Content that is Different

Nowadays, books are free of cost from libraries, portable and crammed with very fascinating characters, facts and information. Make it a point to explore and branch out from common reading topics. If you have a habit of reading history books often, you can perhaps try out a modern novel to shake things up.

In addition, read random books, classics and works of foreign authors. You might be wondering at this point that how does all of this impact the fitness of your brain. The truth is that reading different content will your brain a rigorous workout. That happens when you imagine different time periods, peoples and cultures. Moreover, you will also have many appealing anecdotes to tell others about your reading, what you think of the reading materials, and the connections that you are able to draw between the words on the pages and the modern world.

Apart from reading widely, you should also make it a habit to read frequently. There happen to be a number of various types and genres reading material that you can select from. When you constantly stay curious and keep an active interest in matters around you, you can keep your brain working efficiently and quite fast.

Taking a Deep Breath

There is barely any doubt that your breath is a very effective support that you have the flexibility to access anytime and anywhere such as during an important work presentation, your first date, a traffic jam or even during a difficult conversation with someone. When you slow down and deepen your breath, it can do wonders to calm your mind and keep your brain fit. In addition, taking deep breaths often can also improve your memory span, reduce blood pressureand settle your emotions.

A very effective breathing exercise that you may try includes inhaling slowly through your nose, pausing for a brief moment and then exhaling through your nose at the same speed as the inhale. Feel your ribcage and chest falling slightly. Make sure to repeat this particular cycle at least 3 times to get the most benefit.

Bottom Line

To conclude, all of the aforementioned tips and tactics do a tremendous job to improving the fitness of your brain and ensuring that you stay sharp at all times. In the modern world of today, distractions are aplenty and that is why staying mentally fit can be quite challenging. That is why it is even more important to come up with a schedule and stay free from such distraction.

Another important thing to keep in mind which Ido Fishman has emphasized again and again is that you will not be able to improve the fitness of your brain overnight. This process takes time so it is imperative that you be patient, consistent and regularly practice the strategies that have been mentioned above.

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