How to Convert WAV to MP3 Files (and When You Should)

Are you looking for a way to convert WAV to MP3?

WAV files often take up a lot of disk space. If you’re using a smartphone, having this file format means storing fewer songs. The most practical solution is to use the MP3 format instead.

With this guide, you’ll learn how to convert WAV to MP3 files. Read on and find out more about WAV and MP3.

WAV VS MP3: When to Use

Before changing file formats, you must know the best application of MP3 and WAV formats. Here are some considerations.

WAV Advantages and Disadvantages

As a format, WAV files have no compression whatsoever. It’s a lossless format, meaning it copies recordings without losing quality in audio. It’s what makes the file size large, taking about 10MB for each minute.

WAV files are large, making them impractical if you plan to stream or use portable devices. However, they’re great for media requiring top audio quality. Some of these include:

  • Television
  • Radio
  • DVDs

Web animations also often required looped audio. MP3s aren’t the best choice because they can’t make a seamless loop. It’s easier to spot the point where the music ends and begins with the WAV format.

Since WAV files are lossless, you can use loops to extend a full track, so it’s easier to insert WAV files into web animation programs. 

MP3 Advantages and Disadvantages

The MP3 file format is one of the most popular audio file formats around. It’s usually for streaming, distributing, and promoting music. It’s a lossy and compressed format, making its file size a lot smaller than WAV.

MP3 loads faster and plays without a noticeable drop in sound quality. It’s the best for web content since it allows several compression levels.

When compressing MP3, pick 128kbps for the rate. It’s the ideal level for web-based content. You won’t hear a noticeable difference between MP3 and WAV when playing the files on a workstation for the office, for example.

Methods to Convert WAV to MP3

You now know when to best use WAV and MP3. Here are some methods to convert your files.

  1. How to Convert WAV to MP3 Using Windows Media Player

If you’re using a Windows 10 desktop computer, Windows Media Player is helpful software. In most cases, you’ll use it to play audio, video, and view images. However, one of its features includes converting WAV to MP3 on PC.

Find your WAV file and double-click it. By default, it will open with Windows Media Player. If it doesn’t, right-click on it, select Open With, and pick Windows Media Player.

Go to the Menu icon located at the top right. It will take you to the home screen of Windows Media Player. Then, click the Organize menu and pick Options.

Go to the Rip Settings tab and hover your cursor over the Format tab. Scroll down and pick MP3 before hitting the OK button. Select the WAV file and click on the Rip button to start the process.

Once the process concludes, your converted MP3 file will go to your desired destination folder.

Windows Media Player can also convert MP4 to MP3 with no issues. The only disadvantage is the lack of direct audio file editing options. You can’t trim the audio or make it fade in or out.

  1. Convert WAV to MP3 Using VLC

With billions of devices using VLC, it’s no surprise this application can convert audio files. It can support almost all file formats, making it versatile in conversion. It’s the perfect tool to change your WAV file into an MP3 file.

To start, open the VLC media player application. Click on Media and select Convert/Save. On the next window, click the Add button to import your desired WAV file.

Press the Convert/Save button to continue. On the Profile dropdown list, click on the Audio – MP3 option. Press the Browse button to choose your desired file save location.

Modify the file extension to MP3 before clicking the Start button. The conversion process can take a while to complete. Sometimes, the application will suddenly crash, but retrying usually helps.

  1. Convert WAV to MP3 Using Mac

The Mac Operating system has lots of differences compared to Windows. However, Apple Music is a software you can run using both operating systems. It has file conversion capabilities, allowing you to convert WAV to MP3 on Macbook.

Open the Apple Music application. Each Mac computer has this software. If you deleted it for any reason, feel free to re-install it by downloading the application from Apple’s website.

Click on Apple Music and select Preferences. Pick the Import Settings option to access the encoding settings. Choose the MP3 Encoder from the dropdown menu before clicking the OK button.

Import your desired WAV file. An easier way to do this is to drag the files from their folders into the Apple Music application. Select the file you want to convert in Apple Music and click the Advanced option.

There, pick the Create MP3 version. Doing so will start the conversion process for the WAV file. Take note, you can select multiple files, but the waiting time will be longer.

  1. Use a Desktop WAV to MP3 Converter

The good news is that you have lots of free options for audio converters. In this guide, we’ll use MiniTool MovieMaker. It’s desirable because of its fast conversion speed compared to some other options.

To start, download the MiniTool MovieMaker installer. Follow the detailed instructions to install the converter on your computer. Launch it after installation and press the Full-feature Mode.

Doing so brings you to the main interface. It has four parts: toolbar, media library, preview window, and timeline. Here, you can click on the Import Media Files button to get your desired WAV file.

After that, drag and drop your WAV file to the timeline. Before conversion, the MiniTool MovieMaker allows you to trim or edit your audio file. It means you can fade in or fade out the audio for more effects.

Once done, click the Export option. Pick the MP3 file format and choose your desired folder. As soon as you click the Export button, the conversion process starts.

  1. Use Online WAV to MP3 Converters

Aside from desktop applications, you have lots of free converters online. Whether you use Google Chrome or other web browsers, the following are great for converting your WAV files to MP3:


This web-based converter has various file format options. It offers an easy method of converting your WAV file into MP3. Upload the file, select the desired output settings, and click the Convert button.

It’s 100% free, and you need not register or sign-up for an account. It allows you to convert audio files without a long wait time. The conversion is stable and fast unless you’re converting larger WAV files.

Online Audio Converter

It’s a free online app that doesn’t need installation. You can also convert video files into MP3 and other compatible file formats. It has over 300 file types for both audio and video formats.

It’s easy to use, like Apowersoft. Upload the WAV file, pick the MP3 format, and choose the quality. Download the converted file to your computer.

Online Audio Converter also allows you to extract audio from videos. Once you finish your conversion process, the website deletes your files from its server. It allows no other people to access them.

It’s a great free online audio conversion website if you have no problem seeing ads.

Media iO

Media.io features some of the most impressive upload and download speeds for audio files. It supports over 150 audio and video file formats. It also supports batch conversion, allowing you to change multiple WAV files to MP3.

The site’s interface is simple, with a big blue Open Files button. Click it and select your desired WAV file. Select the MP3 output format and quality before converting.

Experts say that Media.io can convert files 80 times faster than most converters online. However, its primary drawback is the internet connection requirement. It must be stronger and more stable to work.


It’s an all-in-one file converter. Like other online converters on this list, its interface is simple and straightforward. All steps are within the same page, labeled by their steps.

Zamzar isn’t desirable if you’re converting large WAV files. It can’t support files above 100MB. Its conversion rate is slower than desktop converters.

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This web application allows you to convert between 32 video and audio file formats. It allows you to customize the quality of the audio and other settings when converting WAV to MP3. However, like Zamzar, you can only convert WAV files within 100MB.

If you don’t like registering and logging into an account, Online-Convert isn’t for you.

Convert WAV to MP3 Today!

These methods of how to convert WAV to MP3 are helpful regardless of your preference. Use them to have the right audio file.

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