Gold Coast University: 3 Best Universities is Gold Coast

If you plan to live in the Gold Coast and you have the Student Visa almost in approval, or you are considering it, then surely you are finding out which are the best universities in Gold Coast to start studying your professional career, improve it, or take advantage of all Your intelligence. Gold Coast is characterized by offering national and international students economic offers and academic quality along with unforgettable experiences throughout their training.

In this article, we are going to present you the 3 best Gold Coast universities to consider, of course there are many more options, but these three are the ones that top the list, one of them is public, so you can get good benefits. If you want to find more universities in Gold Coast, you can use School Finder to quickly do a school search.

Now, let’s see the 3 best universities in Gold Coast together!

Griffith University

Griffith University is a public university in Queensland. The university was founded in 1971 but officially opened its doors to students in 1975. In its beginnings, it was a small campus in the suburbs of Nathan with only 451 students, today it is based in Brisbane, Queensland and South Bank.

Griffith University provides students with a great number of undergraduate courses that cover a wide range of majors, such as: arts, education, law, economics, business, health, and science. There are about 200 degrees available between undergraduate, graduate, doctorate, and master’s degrees.

Except for that, Griffith University also has many student clubs, including: Pride, Players, Careers, and International Relations.

Bond University

Bond University is a non-profit university based in the Gold Coast, located in the south of the city. It is relatively close to the center of the Gold Coast but it is small compared to other universities.

The administrative buildings, and even classrooms of Bond University, are around the campus. In addition, the institution has the spaces for events and graduations, study halls, libraries and even a cafeteria and restaurants that surround the university. And the best thing is – it has private bars only for students. What’s more, it offers accommodation spaces inside the campus.

The university provides a great deal of courses for students, including: health science, medicine, social studies, design, bond business school and law.

Southern Cross University

Southern Cross University is a university dedicated to research. It is based in Coffs Harbor, Gold Coast, and its main headquarters is in Lismore where most of the educational buildings are located, including nursing, massage and osteopathy, biomedical laboratories, and many more.

The campus in Sydney and Melbourne offer postgraduate courses for those international students who want to do specializations. For example, the headquarters of the School of Hospitality of this university is located in Sydney. This school has established partnership with Mulpha Australia, offering a Bachelor of Business and Hotel Management, postgraduate certificates and Master’s degrees in Tourism.

The courses provided by this Southern Cross University cover a wide range of fields: arts, social sciences, ecology, engineering, and science; most of his degrees are in collaboration with industries including internships in the areas such as plant genetics and cetacean research.


If you want to study in Gold Coast, the best universities in Gold Coast are undoubtedly the best choices. Supposed that you find these 3 Gold Coast universities are not suitable for you, don’t worry. There are also other excellent universities in the city. That is to say, you can search for other universities in Gold Coast then choose the university that best suits you.

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