How To Deal with Endometriosis-related Infertility

You should not let endometriosis cut off the dream of starting a family. Although it does not directly cause infertility, endometriosis increases the prevalence of infertility in patients. The condition induces miscarriage for the patients making it impossible to carry a pregnancy to term. It would be best to look for a Midtown West infertility expert who can help you overcome endometriosis. Read on about coping with endometriosis and how it affects your body.

The Prominence of Infertility for People with Endometriosis

You can have a lower chance of having a baby due to endometriosis as it leads to miscarriages. The American Society for Reproductive Medicine shows that 50% of endometriosis patients will likely develop fertility problems. There are many gaps in the endometriosis study, but the condition is connected to infertility cases. Endometriosis produces cytokine molecules that paralyze the sperm and the egg, thus fertilization. Again, the condition distorts the pelvis anatomy, thus making it impossible to carry a pregnancy to term.

Endometriosis causes inflammation on the delicate transparent of the peritoneum; inflammation can cause scarring and adhesions, blocking the fallopian tubes and the ovaries. Blocked fallopian tubes prevent the eggs from coming in contact with the sperm, thus preventing fertilization.

The eggs could fail to ovulate due to endometriosis as the condition can trap the eggs in the ovaries. The obstacle in female reproduction may prevent pregnancy and cause complications such as miscarriage during pregnancy.

How to Overcome Infertility Due To Endometriosis

You can improve fertility by treating the endometriosis symptoms, even if the condition is at stage 3 or 4. Deep-incision surgery can give different results, especially if you pair it with other assisted reproduction technologies. The deep-incision surgery leads to the removal of the endometriosis tissues and restoration of the pelvic organs leading to increased fertility.

  • In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

IVF can improve fertility as it is one for assisted reproduction technology, making it possible to carry a pregnancy to term. First, your eggs will be collected and fertilized by a sperm in the lab, and you could choose the most viable embryos for implantation. The embryos will then be implanted directly into the uterus, where the recipient receives hormonal treatment to improve implantation and the ability to carry the pregnancy to term.

  • Intrauterine insemination (IUI)

IUI is a simple assisted reproduction technology that allows patients to get sperm directly deposited to the uterus to ensure implantation. However, IUI needs proper timing during the menstrual cycle when the egg can implant perfectly.

  • Third-party assisted

The third-party method involves sperm donations or surrogacy. A patient may opt for this only when it is impossible to produce healthy eggs or when an individual cannot carry a pregnancy.

Final Thoughts

Endometriosis can decrease the chance of carrying a baby to term as it leads to miscarriages. The condition distorts the pelvis and produces toxic molecules, which make it impossible to carry the pregnancy. However, endometriosis should not kill the dream to have a child, as you can always opt for assisted reproduction technologies such as IVF, IUI or go for surrogacy and sperm donation. Good luck finding ways to deal with endometriosis-related infertility.

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