How to Pencil Sketch Your Photo Online?

Pencil sketch effect on your photo turns it into a fine piece of art that you can flaunt on any social media platform. The social media platforms that you can use are YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many other applications.

Furthermore, the steps to turn your photo into a pencil sketch online free are very easy. You will not have to waste a lot of time by adding and trying out a lot of effects for your photo. It is very simple, just upload your picture, click on the button to add effect, and then wait for the results.

Apart from that,

We all know that pictures are taken from high-quality cameras of popular smart phones such as the Apple iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, etc. Keep on reading to find out what type of online tools you can use to edit, convert, tweak, as well as change your photos by applying more than a hundred effects and filters on them.

Why we need to pencil sketch our photos?

A pencil sketch effect can attract a lot of viewers online. You can upload the edited pictures to Instagram, WhatsApp, as well as Facebook to gain a lot of engagement, followers, subscribers, views as well as influence online.

In addition to that,

People love creativity; therefore, they expect new things on the internet. It can also be a very fun activity if you look at the bright side. By trying out different effects on your photos you can find out which one of the effects will actually look good on your photo.

Overview of Image to Sketch AI

Convert your photo to pencil sketch online with Image to Sketch AI software. It is a free as well as an easy-to-use tool for beginners. Image to Sketch AI provides you with sub-parts of the same effect so that you may choose the one you actually like and download it on your computer.

Furthermore, the tool offers different styles and effects that can help users to edit and convert their images.

The benefits of using Image to Sketch AI (Simple and easy to use for beginners)

Image to Sketch AI will not use your photos for other purposes. It will remove any picture from its database so that your privacy is secured while using this online tool. By choosing Image to Sketch AI, you can create marvelous photos and upload them on social media to gain thousands of likes and followers.

Moreover, all you need to do is upload your picture on the tool and click on the button in order for it to add the pencil sketch on it. After that, you will only need to wait for a few seconds to see the fascinating results.

How to use Image to Sketch AI to turn your photo into a pencil sketch?

Open the webpage from any of the browsers that you use. Once the website has loaded, you will see two buttons on the screen, one will be for uploading the picture and the other will add the pencil sketch effect on it. After that, just wait for five to ten seconds to see the finalized results.

Overview of Image Online.CO

Image Online.CO is the perfect and simplest tool that you can use to add the pencil sketch effect to any of your pictures. It allows you to directly share the end product of your photo to any of the social media apps listed on its site. The social media apps include Google Photos, Twitter as well as Pinterest.

How to use Image Online.CO to turn your photo into a pencil sketch?

The site has an inserted video that shows a demo of how you can use the tool to add the pencil sketch effect to your photo. There are one slider and two boxes that you can use. The slider lets you customize the pencil shadow and one box allows you to upload the picture. The last box will start the process of applying the pencil sketch effect.

Use Photoshop to turn your photo into a pencil sketch

If you want to add the pencil sketch effect on your photos manually, you can use Photoshop. Photoshop software is used for many purposes, so you can also add and remove effects from a picture.

Using Photoshop to manually add the picture effect on your picture can be time-consuming but the results will be fruitful. You will have to watch a short video on YouTube before you can change your photo into amazing photo sketch.


We believe that the pencil sketch effect can be better used through Image to Sketch AI and Imageonline.CO. They are the free tools that show significantly awesome effects to your photos. So, what are you waiting for? Try them out now!

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