How To Wash Your Human Hair Wigs & How Often You Need To Wash Them

Wigs are more and more important in our daily life. For many new wigglers who don’t know how to care for the human hair bundles or human hair wigs. Here we are going to show you the things you need, the best time and the best way to wash your wigs. We can’t just throw the wigs all over the place, since we spend a lot of money. Most importantly is that if you want to maintain the beauty and health of your human hair wigs, please keep reading.

What Things Do You Need To Wash Your Human Hair Wigs?

The thing you’ll need is a plastic waste stand, it’s common for wigs to be on styrofoam heads or on cloth heads. But when you’re washing it’s really important to have a plastic head because it allows room for the scalp area to dry properly. Next, you’re going to need a shampoo and conditioner. It is really important to note that you can not use shampoo and conditioners for human hair wigs because conditioners are meant for hair on a scalp. Whereas wigs are no longer on a scalp and they need a different kind of care and nutrition in order to be able to stay healthy-looking and nice. Another thing you need is a wet brush which is great for brushing out your wig in general and then making sure you detangle it when it’s wet or dry without damaging the hair. Lastly, the thing you need is a towel to dry your wigs.

How Often You Need To Wash Human Hair Wigs

To wash your wigs well depends on how often you wear them. If you wear your wig all day every day, you’d better wash them once every two weeks or one week, depending on how sweaty and how dirty it gets. If you don’t wear it all day every day, you can wash it once every three weeks. The thing is wigs really hold scent very well, therefore if you go somewhere that has a strong scent, your wigs are going lock in that scent and smell like it until you wash the wigs again.

How To Wash Your Human Hair Wigs?

Here’s everything that we need for washing a virgin hair wig, let’s get to the washing part. First thing first, brushing your wig to make sure all of the knots and knits are out. Next, all you need to do is flip the wigs inside out to keep the root part safe. Use warm water to wash your wigs instead of hot water, to avoid damage. You are going to submerge your wig in it fully, and put some soap into the water. Take your wig in the water, swishing it back and forth gently with your finger to comb the hair. Then rinse the wig thoroughly at the top and through the lens with warm water until all the soap is gone. Lay your wig out, apply the conditioner into the ends, let the conditioner sit on the wig for about a minute before rinsing it. Finally, place your wig inside the towel and gently powder dry.

Take your wet brush gently brush out the hair. Grab your wig and flip it over, shake it out. Make sure to use your fingers to gently go through it before grabbing the brush. Look for the lace and find your part, put the finger right where the part is in order to once again brush everything out. After the wigs are all detangled, you’re going to put her on your plastic wig head, so that it allows this lace part to properly dry. Keep it on for about an hour, then transfer it over to Styrofoam head. You can let her air-dry overnight because blow-dry will bring damage to human hair wigs.

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